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5 Tricks To Boost Your Gaming Performance

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It is the mobile gamer’s world. Gone are the days when you had to sit on PCs with big hardware to support your gaming.

Since the invention of Android mobile phones with fast processing speeds, major studios at porting their games to smartphones; unfortunately, many mobile phones still don’t have the ecosystem to support a large gaming interface. However, there are a few tips and tricks a mobile gamer can follow for a seamless game.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Third-Party apps call notifications, and notifications from social media popup at the time of your game and cause it to lag. However, when the phone is put in the do not disturb mode, you can customize your setting for deleting or ignoring the notifications while the game is still on. The drawback is that you have to activate it on your own rather than getting activated automatically when the game starts. To do so, you have to click the do not disturb option in the notification bar or find the same in the notifications settings of your mobile phone.

Always Play In Low Power Mode

As unimportant as it seems, you should know that the performance of your mobile phone increases when it is being operated under the low power mode. Mobile games with higher graphics and more power usage eat up the battery life faster and reduce the life of your phone.

So before you put your feet into the battlegrounds, remember to turn on the low power mode in the battery settings of your Android smartphone.

Use Google Play Games

Google play games are the hub of all the installed or not installed in your mobile phone. It acts as a dashboard that keeps track of all your achievements and high scores and keeps the tabs on the leaderboard ranking.

Google play games also havevarious trending games, and it is always showing the account owner what is trending in the gaming market. In addition, it also indicates the installed games on the mobile phone and the ones that can be downloaded.

There is also a feature in the application that lets you try games without even downloading them. In addition, you can create your gamer’s profile that includes your gamer ID, display picture with several other details.

For more compatibility, you can sync your progress through Google Play Games if you plan to switch your gaming totally to your smartphone. Google Play Games also has a streaming tool that lets you play your game live, very much like YouTube live stream.

Get Yourself The Best Gaming Accessories

No matter how amazing Android smartphones have become with their higher memories and power systems while playing a video game, you still have to rely on the touchscreen to navigate your player.

To make your gaming experience more interesting, you can invest in third-party physical controllers that can connect with your phone while you play. Bluetooth controllers, touch triggers,or console controllers like PS4 or Xbox will enhance your gaming experience and provide you with the best navigation system you could have. You can get all the accessories online from famous shopping apps or even buy some of these from offline gaming stores.

For PC gaming, consider investing in a mouse with a good click speed that will improve your gaming performance. If you want to test your click speed, please try this tool.

Clear all the cache memory

No matter how much in-built memory your smartphone device has when you install online battlefield games like pubg or call of duty, you always need one, two GB, or more free space in your smartphone.

Always try to keep your phone free of junk files and cache memories, as all these waste files keep on adding junk to your system and introduce glitches while you play. Delete the big files on your system, media files, and all the applications that are not being used to avoid glitches and lags while playing.

All the above steps are tried and tested, and we hope that they add to your gaming experience. Rebooting your device, again and again, may harm your power systems. So go ahead, try some of the tips and have a great game.

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