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7 Best Malware Scanners Out There

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Malicious software, more commonly termed malware, describes any software that was created to raise havoc in websites, computers, servers, etc. The malware allows hackers to get unauthorized control over a website. It can extract sensitive information from a site and can also destroy parts of a website and ruin its reputation. There are many types of malware. For example, viruses, trojan, spyware, ransomware, etc. To protect your website from malware, you need to make use of efficient malware scanners and application level protection.

According to AV-Test Institute, over 890 million malware programs exist today. Moreover, security experts spot around 350,000 new malware programs every day. In 2019, SonicWall claimed that over 10 billion malware attacks took place that year alone. All these facts say that malware attacks are common. Clearly, the odds of receiving an attack are pretty high.

Malware scanners use various tools and programs to identify any program that poses a threat to a website. A malware scanner along with anti-malware software can protect your website from any future attacks. This post describes some of the popular malware scanners that you can use.

7 Best Malware Scanners

1. Astra Security


Astra Security provides a multi-purpose scanner that allows you to scan for malware, SEO Spam, Google blacklisting, and so much more. Furthermore, Astra’s malware scanner is powered by machine learning. As a result, it can detect and prevent malware attacks at an early stage. Not only that, the intelligent technology of the scanner does not slow your website in any way.

Pricing: Astra provides a free malware scanner ( on their website. You can also avail their paid services. There are three types of plans: Pro ($228/year), Advanced ($468/year), and Business ($1428/year). You can also opt to pay monthly.

2. Indusface WAS

Indusface WAS is a popular malware scanner that is known for its innovation. It provides services like automated malware scanner, manual pentest, blacklist detections, business logic error detection, and more. The malware scanner is automated and it is constantly on the lookout for any new threats on the website. Over 2000 businesses all over the world have used Indusface WAS and it was acclaimed by them.

Pricing: Indusface WAS also provides a free malware scanner on their website which you can use unlimitedly. They have both free and paid services. The three plans they provide are Basic (free for life), Advanced ($588/year), and Premium ($2388/year). You can also opt to pay monthly.

3. Google Malware Checker

Google always tries to find ways to make the internet a safer place. Google’s safe browsing is one of the ways it does that. The safe browsing feature shows warning signs when one is about to enter a website with malicious content. Moreover, Google always ranks safe pages with HTTPS above those that do not own an SSL certificate. Not only that, the Google transparency report page has a website scanner where you can scan any website.

Pricing: Free!

4. Quttera

Quttera malware detection and removal processes are both manual and automated. After signing up for it, a malware analyst expert will be assigned to your website. They scan the website and provide an excellent feedback report. Furthermore, they fix the vulnerabilities and remove malware. They remove

  • Obfuscated JavaScipt Injections
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) injections
  • Code injection
  • Malicious iFrames
  • Malicious Re-directs
  • Defacement
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • Trojans
  • Backdoors
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Viruses

In addition to that, they remove blacklisting after malware removal.

Pricing: Quttera has 5 pricing plans: Basic ($120/year), Professional ($599/year), Business ($179/year), Economy ($149/year), and Emergency ($249/year).

5. Site Guarding

Site Guarding does both malware scanning and clean-ups. They provide expert support 24/7. Not only that, they guarantee fast results. You will receive real-time notifications regarding any suspicious activity on your website.

Pricing: Site guarding has 4 pricing plans: Basic (79.95 EUR/year), Standard (299.95 EUR/year), Premium (205.95 EUR/year), and Business (995.95 EUR/year).

6. VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a popular malware scanner. It scans your website for various types of malware and provides a detailed report. It uses a hash-based scan to optimize time.

Pricing: VirusTotal provides free services and premium services start from $80,000/year.

7. ScanTitan

ScanTitan provides a free malware scanner on its website. It is an all-in-one security solution used by 800+ satisfied customers all over the world. It continuously monitors your website and scans the hosting server and network as well. Since it runs from a secure cloud, you do not have to install the software.

Pricing: ScanTitan provides free services. It also has other plans; Pro ($119.52/year), Business ($155.52/year), and Enterprise (custom).


Malware scanners are absolutely essential when it comes to running a website. Malware attacks are very common and letting your guard down can cause so much harm. However, there are so many malware scanners available. It is wise to identify what your website needs, compare various scanners, and choose the one you can afford.

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