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Everything you need to know about McDvoice and how to participate

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McDvoice benefits

For all the foodies out there, McDonald’s is their first love, and no one likes to miss the place they are serving. The best part about McDonald’s is that they come up with a customer satisfaction survey as well. Have you ever heard about McDvoice? Do you know about McDvoice? If not, don’t worry because here we will help you to get an idea about the same.

McDvoice benefits

What is McDvoice?

McDvoice is a survey especially organized by McDonald’s to know whether the customers are satisfied with their services or not. Not only on the basis of food but also to know whether they want to change the services or there is something troubling them. Sometimes the scenario is being, so a customer is not satisfied with the services at that moment they start to look for other restaurants out there. But McDonald’s is not among those restaurants where people can feel disappointed. It always caters to all the needs of customers. This survey also helps McDonald’s to improve the quality of the food they are serving. After participating in the survey and completing the same, some offers will be available to them, which they can redeem next time when visiting McDonald’s.

How to participate McDvoice?

Before you move ahead to participate in the survey, make sure to have the McDonald’s receipt available in your hands. It plays an integral role during the survey. The steps are as follows after having the receipt:-

  1. At the very first, you need to visit from the device you have. Make sure that the device has a stable active internet connection.
  2. Now select the language.
  3. There is a 26 digit survey code on the McDonald receipt. Mention the same.
  4. On the next page, it will ask for certain questions regarding the visit and all the services and food quality.
  5. Complete the survey and make sure not to leave it in between.
  6. After completing it hit on the finish button.
  7. There will be a validation code available to all the users out there, and they can redeem it when they visit McDonald’s next time.
  8. On the last page, join their email list so that there will be no offer missed from your eyes.

And that’s it. Finally, the survey is completed and the code available to you, the same can be redeemed next time when you visit there.


Who can participate in the MCDVOICE survey?

All the individuals who have visited McDonald’s recently or within the last 30 days can participate in the survey and get all the offers at theirs. But it is essential to have the 26 digit survey validation code available.

Is there any specific limit to participate in the survey?

Per receipt, a person can participate in the survey for once. Also, they cannot hand over the receipt to someone else. The person who made the presence at Mcdonald’s has the right to participate in the same.

Final words

What are you waiting for? If there is something, be a part of the survey and get it rectified for your next visit.

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