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Install BHKik App for Android – Two Kiks in one device

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BHKik application for android

Everybody knows that chatting apps are highly used by millions of people and showing their interest in those apps is quite general. Here the discussion is all about BHKik app for android and usually people know about Kik messenger. Well, it is the application that helps to share the messages with each other. It is the main reason that this application is getting popular among its users across the globe. Now, the question is raising among the people is whether it is possible to use dual Kik or not. Hopefully, the result will be out after this brief explanation.

BHKik app for android

Why BHKik App?

We all know that Kik application is quite popular among the people and now they would like to use dual Kik on their devices. Yes, it can be possible with the support of this app. It is also mainly said to be the replica of Kik messenger with more features. For information, the application has the same user interface along with a similar messaging platform. At the same time, it is also simple for the users to handle on their devices.

The best thing about this application is once installed on your device, and then you can also install another Kik account without any tricks. Yes, you don’t even require rooting your device at any time. Generally, this kind of application will be mainly requiring the rooting process. But the great thing is you don’t need to root your device. So, without rooting your device, you can easily install this application that whenever you want. Also, make it possible for multiple kik accounts on one phone.

Features of BHkiK App

Before going to install BHKik application on your device, make sure to know about some of the features hidden in it. Hopefully, by knowing the features, you will be able to know about BHKik app for android in-depth for sure.

  • When it comes to the registration process, you can directly do that through the app without hassles
  • It has a simple user interface where anybody can easily access it
  • The application is absolutely free for the users to install
  • It mainly works in separated Davlik at anytime

Requirements of BHKik app

When you are looking forward to installing this application on your device, it is necessary to know that this app not available in PlayStore. The thing is it is mainly said to be the third party application where you can search across the internet and get it. However, before downloading this application, it is important to follow the requirements. Based on the requirements where you can install BHKik app on your device.

For information, without following the requirements, it will be difficult for people to access it in a proper way. There is also a chance of experiencing issues in the future. So, following the requirements would be helpful and makes the user to access this app in a smoother way.

  • First of all, you need to install the official Kik app that before going to install BHKik app for android.
  • When you are looking forward to installing, then follow Android 4.0+.
  • It doesn’t require rooted devices.
  • While handling the installation process, you can install both old and New BHKik version app.
  • If you would like to use an old version of BHKik app, then make sure to uninstall another BHKik app.

These are the main things that you need to follow while handling the installation process of app . Also, keep it in mind that only one version can install from old and new. In case, if you missed following the things mentioned here, then there is a chance of facing a lot of issues in the future while handling it.

Benefits of BHKik app

By handling two Kik accounts in a single device will be going to offer different benefits to experience. People who all looking forward to using dual Kik for business and on the other side for personal use. At this stage, they mostly prefer BHKik app.

So, without finding any complexity, you can start to use dual Kik on your Android device that whenever you need. Even the simple user interface will engage you to handle the app in a better way. This is the main reason where most of the people are showing their interest in accessing BHKik app on their devices.

How to install BHKik app for Android

So, before getting into the installation process, it is important to keep it in mind that this app not available in store. At this stage, you can install BHKik apk for android device by following the steps mentioned below. It is necessary for you to follow all the steps without missing it.

  • Firstly, it is necessary to get the respective application file from trusted sources without difficulties.
  • Once the file is found, then it is essential for you to tap to download and wait for the next few seconds until the fetching process is over.
  • Now, visit the settings of your Android device and tap the security to enable “Unknown sources”.
  • After enabling the unknown sources, your device will allow BHKik app to install without experiencing any complicatedness.
  • Once the application file is saved successfully, then you need to visit the saved folder and search for Apk file.
  • If the file is found, then you can tap to install and wait for a few more seconds until the process of installation is done.
  • At last, the application is installed on your Android device and you are now ready to access BHKik apk that whenever you want.

How to install BHKik app on PC

Usually, we all know that people are highly interested in using the applications on wider screens. For instance, they are used to install BHKik app on PC. Now the question has been raised among the people is whether it is possible to install on PC or not. Well, the thing is you cannot able to download and install this app on your PC directly. However, with the support of Android emulator, you can install this application on your PC without finding hassles at any time.

What is Android emulator?

Android emulator is nothing but it helps you to run the android apps on your PC. For information, you can find several android emulators to get it from trusted sources as per your convenience. At this stage, as per your wish, you can choose the best one and start to access on PC. However, when it comes to an android emulator, you can find BlueStacks is considering as one of the best emulators where you can get and install it.

With the support of BlueStacks, you can easily run BHKik application. If you are looking forward to installing an emulator on PC, then you are in the right place to make use of it. Here we are discussing about the installation process of BHKik app on PC. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers who want to install BHKik on their PC without difficulties. Let’s follow the procedure given below to insr BHKik app and install with the support of android emulator.

Steps to follow

  • At first, it is necessary for you to search for the android emulator file “BlueStacks” by visiting the trusted sources which are available across the internet.
  • Next, if the respective file is found, then you can search for the latest version and click to get and install.
  • Before that, it is essential for you to check whether your PC is having enough memory space to install BlueStacks or not.
  • After the successful getting process, it is important for you to search for emulator file and tap to install it.
  • Next, once tap to install, it is necessary for you to wait until the installation process of an emulator is over.
  • After the above process is completed, you can tap to enter the emulator and search for BHKik application to install.
  • If it is found, then you need to click to install and wait for few seconds.
  • Finally, you are ready to access this application on your wider screen PC.

How to install BHKik iPhone

  • In order to sideload the applications on your iOS device that is BHKik iPhone, it is important for you to use Xcode software. It is the app that mainly available in Mac Store.
  • After the successful installation of Xcode on your iOS device, you need to add details of Apple ID under the accounts which are in the preferences dialog.
  • Now, to obtain the source code for the application that you would like to install on your iOS device.
  • Based on the BHKik application, it is important for you to do preparatory work. Then make sure to use File and then proceed further to open for opening the application. Now, you should choose the project which is located on the left side.
  • Now, you need to connect your device and then in Xcode, you should pick the destination, product and choose the device.
  • MoreoverIt is necessary for you to keep the unique package name in the Bundle identifier field. Also, keep it in mind that you need to choose the Apple ID as a team name.
  • Now, click the run button in order to compile a load and then run the iOS application.
  • Well, these are the things that you need to follow and continue with BHKik iPhone install.

Alternative apps of BHKik app

Apart from handling this application for a long time, you can even go ahead with alternative modded Kik apps of BHKik app. Here let’s have a look at some of the best alternative apps to get and utilize it in the future.

NullKik: It is mainly considering as the cosmetic mod which is will be helpful for you to modify according to Kik. Well, the availability of different kinds of backgrounds along with font changes, colors and user interface makes this app good. Also, when it comes to installing, then this application is completely safe to download and handle on your device. So, without finding any complicatedness, you can access this BHKik app on your device that whenever required.

Matrik3: Moreover, it is another modded Kik version application of Kik which will helpful for you to disable the message receipts. Also, it is possible for you to disable the images getting process. Even you can disable the notification that shows “is typing”. If you want to use different types of emoticon, then it is also possible.

Pikek: Pikek is considering to be one of the most popular kiks and the best alternative to BHkik app at any time. Well, it is the application that not only helps to modify the image of profile but also color as well as font size. Even it is possible to change the background color, image and other modifications too. So, whenever you are looking for the simple user interface then Pikek is the best application where you can utilize it.


So, people who all are searching for the best ideas to access dual kik on their devices can follow the above mentioned stuff. Hopefully, people who want to BHKik app for android devices and PC can follow above. When it comes to install, make sure to follow all the steps without skipping it.

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