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How Bitcoin Is Becoming The Hottest Investment Prospect Of 2020

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Bitcoin valuation


The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 sent ripples around the global financial world. Here was a digital currency, which could not be regulated, controlled and not influenced by changes in global markets.

Bitcoin valuation

The popularity and valuation of Bitcoin kept soaring right through the decade eventually hitting $20000 USD in late 2017, early 2018. This captured the investors of software tycoons, normal investors and governments alike.

However, the volatility in the cryptocurrency world made more investments unfeasible. Cut to 2019 and 2020 and Bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrencies have hit a stable mark. In this article, we will look at some factors, which are drawing more investors to Bitcoin.

Governments and Financial Institutions are taking steps to regulate Bitcoin

In the last few years, major national governments and financial institutions are trying to regulate Bitcoin. Contrary to popular perception, this is a welcome sign. It means that different established and legal institutions are getting involved in normalizing Bitcoin.

This is a welcome step for investors, as regulations and rules translate into making Bitcoin mainstream. It also means that an attempt is being made to normalize cryptocurrency usage in society. Major economies are finally opening up to the possibility of Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional currencies.

Canada, USA, European Union, Russia and others have adopted a friendly stance towards Bitcoin. They however are strict when it comes to using Bitcoin for anti-social activities like money laundering. In recent months, even countries like China are opening up to the possibility of cryptocurrencies.

Fortune 500 Companies are showing a keen interest in Bitcoins and Blockchain

When Facebook announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency, Libra, the world stood up and took notice. Apart from Facebook, big tech giants like Twitter, Telegram, Baidu and Facebook are also keen to get into this ecosystem.

A good thing to note is that these billion dollar tech giants command a lot of influence. In terms of lobbying with governments, other international organizations, it becomes easier when you are a behemoth.

All this is leading to more chatter, more normalizing tendencies and making Bitcoin more mainstream. This is a progressive step to control price fluctuations and stop the volatility, which keeps investors away.

Apart from this, major financial institutions are exploring Blockchain technology. American Express, Tencent, AIA Insurance, Alibaba, MetLife and others are adopting Blockchain technology. They point out the instant nature of payments, safety, security and no third party interference as prime reasons.

Can normal people start investing in Bitcoins in 2020?

With the rise of credible Bitcoin trading platforms, normal people are also investing in Bitcoins. You can break one single Bitcoin into one-hundred-million (100,000,000) satoshis. You can trade whatever percentage or portion you want on trading platforms. You can start trading online easily, click this link to start trading today.

With the rise of sophisticated tech, trading platforms boast of powerful trading software. Most people already have experience of trading traditional stocks and shares of publicly listed companies. In many ways, trading in Bitcoins is more or less the same.

Individuals should remember that Bitcoin valuation is independent of global happenings. For example, natural disasters or health emergencies always drive currencies up or down. When it comes to Bitcoins, these problems do not affect its valuation. This makes Bitcoin a very safe option for investing in 2020.


With Coronavirus being declared a ‘pandemic’ and global markets experiencing one of their worst downturns, traditional financial systems are being tested. Given how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are relatively isolated from this issue, we can understand how safe it is an an investment.

However, there are certain cautions, which need to be exercised when investing. This holds true for Bitcoins or any other form of investment. It is important to be watchful, be aware of changes, and proceed in a safe and cautious manner.

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