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6 Ways to Boost your Old Computer

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Boost your Old Computer

Old and dilapidated computers can be quite the hassle to deal with. They get slow and do not have the capacity to run heftier programs and softwares. This is a common occurrence and there are some easy fixes for it.

It all comes down to how much care you give to your computer. If you clean it regularly, inside and out, its life expectancy, processing speeds and ability to run multiple programs stay viable for a long time.

That said, it can be really difficult to maintain an old PC. If you have not updated the hardware and the software on your computer, it runs the risk of getting slower as softwares update and start asking for more and more resources to run.

If you want to know how to fix your PC yourself, here are the ways you can.

Boost your Old Computer

6 Ways to Boost your Old Computer

There are certain things you do to help an outdated computer run at a potentially viable speed. Here is what you can do –

1. Clean the hardware components thoroughly

The first thing most people do not think about is cleaning the dust out of their cabinet. Dust that settles inside components like the processor fan, RAM slots and the entire motherboard can cause serious heating issues. This in turn causes the computer to slow down and even die out if not cleaned on time. A bottle of compressed air and a dry cloth is enough to clean your system and restore it to working order.

2. Install a cleaning software

If you are not comfortable with cleaning out temporary files and such yourself, we suggest you install a cleaning software from the internet. They are generally free and take the hassle of searching for temporary and insignificant files out of your hands. These softwares are made for the sole purpose of cleaning and can really help boost PC speeds.

3. Install an antivirus software

Viruses are also a major cause of your computer slowing down. Viruses can have adverse effects and can corrupt system files, totally destroying your computer or leaving it powerless and inefficient. Installing a simple antivirus program can help you protect your data and your computer against harmful viruses.

4. Remove unnecessary files and softwares

If your computer has slowed down due to an excess of softwares and files you have on your PC, we suggest you remove some to make space and return its processing power. A lot of files on your computer can cause your drives to fill up, which in turn causes the computer to slow down due to the sheer number of data being handled.

5. Plug and Play Devices

You also have the option to use PnP devices that bypass your old operating system and uses its own independent software to start your computer. One such device is XtraPC. It is a viable option for people who do not have sufficient knowledge of the workings of a computer. It is a simple flash drive that lets you boot your old PC with a faster, fully functioning operating system.You can check out XtraPC review here. This makes your old PC work much smoother and more efficiently than before.This makes sure that none of the viruses or softwares that are slowing down your computer run on this extended operating system. These devices can be found online and are generally for people with limited technological prowess

6. Reduce multitasking

The last step towards helping with processing speeds is to reduce the number of tasks you commit to in a given time. If you work with multiple softwares, you might have to reduce the stress you put on your computer by turning a few off and completing one task at a time. This immensely helps with speed by reducing the stress on your computer.


These are a few techniques that can help you relieve some of that stress from your PC. We highly suggest keeping your system updated as well to ensure you get all the benefits from your operating system and let your computer run at maximum speeds.

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