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What is Closed Loop Extractor | How it works

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A closed loop extractor is a system that is used to extract the cannabis concentrates. In this whole process of extraction, no solvents are allowed to expose themselves in the air but are restricted within a closed loop system.

The closed loop extractor system is used to extract the perfumes, food addictives and beauty products, and it’s been a decade that people are using this system in order to get their desired results. After the research and modification in the systems closed loop extractor system now are able to extract cannabis oil.

Get closed loop extractor

When it comes to comparison between the blasting system and closed loop extractor, then closed loop system is way too safer and utilizing the system is a lot safer with flammable solvents. The closed loop extraction machine has no opening and this means that all the solvents in the machine are in safest and contained environment. You can get its complete complete DIY kits from online vendors.

Working of Closed Loop Extractor

When it comes to the working of a closed loop extractor, then it’s very easy to use and work with. This whole system resembles an open-butane extraction, the solvents are sealed off and aren’t allowed to expose to air.

When working with the closed loop machine, all the substance that you extract is safer and healthier as compared to blasted ones. A closed-loop extractor system contains a large container that is attached to the tube, a recovery tank, a refrigerator, a refrigerator tank, a refrigerator scale and a recover pump.

If your work needs to create a vacuum oven, then the user will require an additional pump and recovery tank.

But, a closed loop-extractor is all professionally set up that contains maintaining the pressure and operating control valves all the time. You can use the solvents that are present in the system for later use from the recovery tank.

Best Closed Loop Extractors

There are a lot of closed loops extractors in the market, but we are mentioning down some of the best loop extractor systems that can work for you.

Icarus 2 Pound

This closed-loop system is performed for the extraction of cannabis oil and it performs better than thousands in the market. Let’s talk about the features that it provides you:

  • 10×10 welded bottom base
  • 10″ extractor lid (assembled)
  • 3″ x 36″ plant material column
  • 60″ high pressure PTFE braided SS hose
  • #30 LP tank
  • 10″ Clamp
  • (2) 3″ clamps
  • 1.5″ clamp with gaskets
  • Extra gaskets
  • Instruction manual

Apollo 5 Pound

Before purchasing any loop-extractor, always have a look at this gem of a piece because it has everything that one is looking for. Let’s talk about the features of this loop extractor.

  • Recovery manifold
  • Removable column
  • Efficient dewaxing
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Small footprint

So, we have discussed a lot of things regarding closed loop extractor and we are hopeful that this content will help you in achieving what you’re striving for.

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