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7 Common Phone Emojis Used For Texting And How To Interpret Them

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Phone emojis

Emojis have seen a rise in usage in the last few years. It’s now part of the modern lexicon, immortalized in movies as well as pop culture, and is a mainstay in digital communication. These small icons and pictographs of human emotions, weather, jobs, activities, etc. may have started as a basic, almost unreadable, and misunderstood form of Internet speak, but today, it’s an entity of its own.

One of the most common uses of emojis is through texting. Whether it’s through social media, on messages, or other app platforms, emojis give digital communication another dimension. Say when you’re flirting with someone on the Internet – sending them suggestive emojis will instantly get your point across. But if you’re not sure how to use them, here are some of the most common flirting emojis you can use:

Eggplant emoji

Probably one of the most used emojis for flirting and beyond (wink wink), the eggplant emoji is particularly sexy and naughty because it depicts a part of men’s anatomy that’s directly used for sexual contact. Popular especially with the millennial crowd, the eggplant emoji can be used for a number of contexts.

You can send it just to shock, or to get attention. Say, if you want a guy to notice you – sending a simple eggplant emoji will instantly make them curious about you. It usually means “penis” but it can also mean being “horny” or up to something sexy for the time being. 

Eyes emoji

The eyes emoji might be one of the most innocent of emojis, but it’s an effective way to tell somebody that you’re “seeing them”. That means you’ve noticed them and you are interested. Sending this as a comment to thirst traps or innocent selfies can be an effective way to start a conversation. 

It’s also a great emoji to use for when you are stating something that should be looked at – say, a fact, or an opinion on something that you feel strongly about. The eyes emoji is also used by businesses to promote links, products, and services.

Thinking emoji

This is the emoji you need to send to someone when they say something intriguing, or interesting, or something that you may be down to do. The thinking emoji tells the other person that you’re thinking about the possibilities. Of what? Well, that’s depending on your context. 

It can also be used to express a certain level of doubt, or that you are seriously considering an offer. The thinking emoji is perfect to use when you want time to decide on something. Just responding with this emoji will surely make the other person in the conversation anticipate your reaction, decision, etc.

Hiding face monkey emoji

The hiding face monkey emoji is perfect to use when you’re feigning shyness or embarrassment. Or when you can’t believe you just send something. Perfect when you want to convey something really out of the box or something sexy and you’re not sure how the other person will react to it. 

Nail polish emoji

Sending this emoji means that you can’t be bothered at the moment. The nail polish emoji is the perfect emoji to use when you’re not interested in anything that is happening at the moment, or at least the way the conversation is going. It also shows a level of indifference to something – say, an interesting proposition that you don’t want to get into just yet. 

Devil Face emoji

One of the most passive-aggressive emoji you can use in the entire emoji roster, the devil face emoji is usually sent when you’re feeling particularly extra naughty and rowdy. Make sure that you send the devil face that’s smiling though because there’s also a variation of it that looks upset. You don’t want to be misunderstood, don’t you? 

Face with sweat emoji

Not the most obvious choice when it comes to flirting and texting, but the face with one teardrop of sweat emoji is the perfect choice when you almost said something that could have ruined the entire thing but saved it last minute. This is very effective for diffusing tension or to backtrack on things that you may or may not have instigated.


Suffice it to say that texting with emojis have enhanced how we communicate in the last decade. Even business profiles have embraced the use of them in digital communication, especially when engaging with people through social media. With the emojis above and their meanings, you’re one step away from mastering your emoji game.

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