Create own site and its essential things to know

Even if you say “make a homepage” in one word, there are various purposes and variations in composition. Would you like to understand the nine types correctly and use them as a means of public relations for your company? Choose the one that suits your company’s business strategy, and produce and operate it more effectively.The site to be created changes depending on the purpose of creating a site such as “recognizing the company or products / services”, “collecting prospective customers”, “selling products and services”, “collecting applications from job seekers”, and “creating new profits”. It is. Let’s explain the features of each homepage and the points to be aware of when creating it.

The basic operation method of owned media is to take SEO measures and expand “awareness of products and services”. Therefore, analyze the search words that your prospects will search for.Website erstellen that can be displayed at the top with the search word.For example, analyze that prospective customers who will need their products and services in the future are currently worried. We will mass-produce “useful content” and spread awareness of our products and services from there.If the awareness of the company and owned media increases to some extent and the number of users searching by owned media name increases, it is possible to create content different from the above.For users who are already interested in the media, it may be possible to create serialization projects and interview articles that will make them fans.

Corporate site

Site purpose:

Also called a corporate site, it is a site whose purpose is to introduce companies. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the face of the company because it will be the official website of the company. It can be said that it is a must-have tool for getting more people to know about the company.

Posted content:

It is common to create pages about the official name of the company, the location of the head office, branch offices, access, information on officers, the history and history of the company, the number of employees and the company building. In some cases, a recruitment page is created on the corporate website.

Tips for success:

It is important to prepare the content according to the target users on the corporate site. For example, if you want to target not only existing customers but also “job seekers who care about your company”, you need to focus on the recruitment page.Not only the contents such as “application conditions” and “salary”, but also the contents such as “the story that the senior decided to join the company” and “the way of working in a day” are included.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the design based on the business content and customer base. For example, if you are in the medical business, it is essential to consider making white, which gives you a feeling of cleanliness, a valuable design.

Promotion site

Site purpose:

As the word says, it is a site that promotes some products and services. It can be said that there are three purposes (goals) of the site: “getting to know the product”, “getting interested in the product”, and “getting the product bought”. It’s a bit like a landing page, given that the purpose of the site includes even “purchasing”.If the main purpose is to announce a real event that is part of the promotion, it will be a “special campaign site” and will be operated only during the campaign period.

Posted content:

For those who are new to products and services, we will put “features” and “merits” in the content. If you want to hold a real event as part of a product or service promotion, you also need a page that explains the purpose and location of the event.

Tips for success:

It is necessary to push the features of the product to the front. When you buy this product, it appeals to you, “There is such a good thing!” And “There is such a great deal!”.Another option is to create high-impact content that will interest you. It is also important to give visitors a sense of excitement by making the effect at the time of page transition stylish. Of course, it is premised that the mechanism is based on the user group that you want to deliver by promotion.

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