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SEO for a Dating Site: How to Make It Right

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dating after a breakup process
dating after a breakup process

For many, SEO is generally synonymous with the promotion of websites and services. In fact, we are talking about website promotion only in search engines. For example, you need to buy socks. You type in Google or on some other search engine “socks.” And when you see the page with results, above everything else, you see an ad, then a map with locations, and some ad again. Everything that is below is called organic search results. The websites that you see there are the most closely match your search query based on relevance. Why are these sites located there, and not others? This is the magic of SEO, which is a number of measures to promote a site in Google and other search engines, thanks to which your dating websites can be shown in organic results above competitors. As you have guessed, the higher your website on the page with results, the more people will join you and will become your users.

What needs to be done to get the site there? Work hard, especially if the subject is competitive. Online dating is an extremely competitive market, so you will have to work really hard to get on top there. But there is nothing to worry about, since everything is possible, and even if you are just a beginner in the dating industry, you still have chances to reach the TOP.

1. SEO website audit

First of all, you need to know all weak spots of your dating website, and a site audit is an event during which you should analyze all factors that may affect your website’s visibility in search engines. Your main goal is to detect and then, of course, fix the weak points that can negatively affect your website. After fixing all mistakes and problematic spots, you should run this again to know for sure that there are no weak spots left.

2. Internal optimization

This is a set of measures that allow you to make your website clear and user-friendly. During this optimization, you practically work with your content. So, make sure that your content is of high quality and relevant. The better your content is, the higher the chances that users will use it are.

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3. External optimization

This is the most interesting part. When you are absolutely sure that your dating website is full of high-quality content and is ready for the first users to join it, the time has come for you to attract users to it. Remember, you should never stop working on your website promotion, even if you are on the Top and already have more than enough users. Also, to successfully promote the site, you need to make sure that other sites link to it. Obtaining links is mainly external optimization. Links can be paid and free.

Note, promoting the site yourself for free can be very difficult, especially at the beginning, when you don’t know much about the SEO. Generally, get ready to learn a lot of information and work very hard, many professional compare learning SEO with dating after a breakup, since these two things are very hard to do, but beneficial at the end. Otherwise, your dating website will never reach the top, since you are going to work on a very competitive market. At this stage, you should be very careful with your content, since search engines can punish for non-unique content, automatically generated texts, hidden texts, and links, etc. How do search engines punish websites? They decrease their relevance, because of that fewer potential users see those websites. 

The main advantages of free SEO promoting are that your users will trust you and your dating website more because lots of people intentionally ignore advertising. Also, you don’t need to pay for commenting or clicking, and this causes a long-term effect because usually forums and websites never delete any comments after the initial moderation.

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