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Confused About What Developers You Need To Hire For Your Content Marketing Firm? Here’s All You Need To Know

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Content marketing firms
  • From the biggest tech giants to the rising e-commerce startups, every industry needs content marketing at some point or the other. Content writing is critical to the marketing campaign of every business, although its impact may not be directly visible to the target audience.
  • If you are managing a content marketing firm, you not only need excellent content developers, but you also need technical assistance to make the entire process from authoring to dispatch of the content seamless. Based on the exact requirements of your platform and business model, your technical team would comprise of different programmers and engineers. Here are some of the developers you need on your team for a content marketing business.

Content marketing

Who Should Be in Your Content Marketing Team?

  • Content developers may or may not have an educational background in content writing or video editing, so it can be challenging to recruit the right talent from a pool of applicants. Most of them have work experience and projects to showcase, which is what matters.
  • A hiring agency like ValueCoders, X-Team, or Arc dev specializes in recruiting freelancers for other businesses since they understand the market better and have the tools to recognize the best talent among the thousands who apply.

1. Writers

  • Written content is arguably one of the most popular forms of content generation for several brands. The main reasons for these are that writing content is relatively easy (compared to making a video, say), search engines promote written content based on some set parameters, and written work is a quick way to offer value at a relatively low cost. The most popular form of written content marketing is through blog articles, which you can add to your website.
  • Apart from posting quality content, your content developers should also play a role in increasing communication and audience involvement through the smart use of CTAs (call to actions) and keywords. To develop more elaborate content, you can hire writers to focus on long-form content like guides or case studies.

2. White Paper Content

  • Suppose your business is highly technical, and that is the kind of niche audience you want to connect with; in that case, white papers serve as useful methods of communication instead of simple promotional articles. White papers contain information-dense content that has detailed information on a particular subject.
  • Because of the amount of technical content that is packed into white papers, they take longer to write and typically require a content writer with sufficient industry expertise. A white paper should start with a summary or introduction, have a table of contents, and be organized into distinct sections. The emphasis here is more on the content and not the outreach.

3. Infographics

  • Images convey information more efficiently than text, so infographics are another popular method of content development. In particular, infographics are useful for displaying statistical data in a condensed and easy-to-read manner, but they can be created for other purposes. Although content developers are free to use their creativity in making infographics, the general template includes a clear title, sufficient spacing, and distinct sections.
  • The content developers you hire for infographics need to be well-versed in the technical content – since they need to know which data or trends to emphasize – and have excellent communication and design skills. The crispness of the content, catchy (or sometimes punny) captions, organization of the content material, and the images or drawings used should collectively captivate the viewer.
  • Images and pictures by themselves can be compelling modes of communication in content marketing too, which is why you can also consider hiring graphic designers for your firm.

4. Graphic Designers

  • Posters and picture slideshows are popular content marketing methods, especially when you want to grab the viewer’s attention and convey information quickly. Graphic designers specialize in creating such pictures because their job is to analyze which color, font style, size, image elements, and layout work. They also have a strong sense of aesthetics, which is crucial from the viewer’s perspective.

Content marketing firm

  • Apart from soft-skills like creativity and attention to detail, graphic designers should be proficient in photo-editing software. The most common applications are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and additional tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and HTML. Since the knowledge of aesthetics is needed to design the website, graphic designers can be useful in that regard as well.

5. Videographers and Editors

  • Since 2017, video content marketing has been the top strategy for businesses across the industry to promote their brand, product, or service. Videos, being the most versatile form of communication, are of several types, and your business will likely use more than one. For example, promo videos are used to improve brand recognition, and how-to tutorial videos help the audience understand how a product or service works.
  • Video content developers need to be adept with photography, filming, editing the video, and using the appropriate equipment and software; moreover, content writers can assist videographers in preparing a script. Various video hosting platforms (YouTube, Instagram stories, Facebook, etc.) have different criteria for video content (ideal duration, aspect ratio, SEO parameters) that your editor should be familiar with. Tools like Adobe After Effects and several other free tools online help developers enhance the video.

6. Technical Assistance

  • Apart from the various types of content, you need specialized technical web developers and mobile app developers. Back-end developers manage the functionality of the website, front-end developers handle the appearance and user interface, and mobile-app developers create the website-equivalent platform for your Android or iOS smartphone. The recent rise in demand is for full-stack developers – programmers who know the front-end and back-end – to make the complete website.
  • Hiring someone who has additional knowledge of these skills as a content developer is a bonus because they know what type of posts work, how to integrate different forms of content appropriately, and so on.

How to Get the Best Talent?

  • Hiring content developers and skilled personnel can be a tough task, especially since it is practically impossible for a single person to excel in all these verticals. Since most content developers are freelancers, they are unlikely to be actively looking or applying for jobs throughout the year.
  • Several hiring agencies manage the recruitment process, especially in hiring freelancers, to help corporate firms and other businesses, including content marketing companies. Check out sites like Gigster, Toptal, and XB Software, review their past accomplishments, and choose the top agency to hire talent for your content marketing firm.

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