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DIKSHA – Platform for School Education

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Diksha platform is a unique initiative taken by the government of India in order to provide engaging learning materials prescribed under school curriculum to teachers, students and parents. Students will get learning materials related to their school curriculum under this application. Teachers will have access to worksheets, lesson plans, and other activities so that they can create A unique classroom experience. So understanding concepts learning and practicing becomes easy for students. This application has been promoted by the state governments as it is a digital way of education. Parents can also know the classroom activities and can clear their doubts using the application and portal.

DIKSHA App Highlights

Diksha app aims at promoting to impart learning via a digital platform. The full form of DIKSHA is Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing. This is an online e-learning portal that provides knowledge under one roof by collective learning sources. Diksha app can be accessed by teachers, students, and their parents as well. The application supports 18 languages with varied streams which include NCERT, CBSE, and SCERT. The application can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices as well as PC. DIKSHA the e-learning portal provides a list of courses that includes maths, natural science, biology, chemistry, social studies, chemistry, physics, and many others.

  1. Interactive material created by the best teachers and students across the country has been added to the application. By India for India!
  2. QR code scan is scanned which is given on the textbook to get the learning material associated with the course.
  3. Offline content can be shared and stored.
  4. The application is available in 18 languages which include English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Gujarati, and Urdu, etc.
  5. The application supports multiple content formats such as PDF, HTML, video, EPUB, H5P, quizzes, and other formats as well.
  6. The study material that has been taught in the school classroom can be found with lessons and worksheets in the application.


  1. Easy access to study material related to the curriculum can be done via scanning QR codes on the textbooks.
  2. The Lessons can be learned in the class can be revised using the application.
  3. Additional topics to understand topics can also be attained on the portal.
  4. Additional examples and questions for the practice of students have been provided.
  5. Get immediate feedback related to the problem solved with their answers.
  6. Teachers can share best practices with other teachers in order to provide an easy explanation to students.
  7. Teaching history can be viewed across your career as a school teacher via the app.
  8. Official announcements from the state department can also be checked with the help of this amazing app.
  9. Teachers can conduct digital assessments to check whether the students are understanding the topics or not.
  10. Parents will also get to know how well their children are studying via the app.

    Note: You can Access all info via Reliance jio Network easily.

This is a Great initiative taken by the Ministry of human resource development (MHRD) and the National Council for teacher education (NCTE) as it aims at helping teachers and students to continue their studies in these difficult times via digital mode. DIKSHA – national digital infrastructure for teachers to ensure comprehensive learning for both educators and learners. This app is a digital learning app that creates an educational environment for teachers, students, and parents.

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