Nowadays, the development trend of e-commerce industry is on the rise. The premise of e-commerce is to build on the basis of the network. If you leave the network, e-commerce cannot develop at all. In addition to relying on the Internet for e-commerce, Internet marketing is also an industry emerging after the emergence of the Internet, so what do the two have in common? Next, Qiao Xuanhong’s blog will share relevant content for everyone, hoping to help everyone.

What are the characteristics of e-commerce:

E-commerce usually has the open, global, low-cost, and high-efficiency characteristics of the Internet itself. It has also become an inherent feature of e-commerce, and makes e-commerce greatly surpassed its value as a new form of trade. It will not only change the production, operation, and management activities of the enterprise itself, but also affect the economic operation and structure of the entire society. The “electronic” technology platform based on the Internet is a tradition.

The same technical basis:

E-commerce and Tenant screening are both economic activities carried out by means of computer networks. Both rely on the enterprise intranet to realize the sharing of resources within the enterprise, complete the uploading and distribution of management information within the enterprise, and promote the communication between various departments of the enterprise. Coordinate with each other to achieve high-efficiency and low-cost information management within the enterprise; all rely on the information structure of the Internet to achieve network business information sharing with trading partners and consumers, effectively promote the implementation of existing business processes, and market Respond quickly to dynamic factors and adjust the current business process in time to make online transactions go smoothly. Moreover, in this process, both are based on network information technology, such as text, image, sound and other data transmission, follow the TCP/IP protocol, follow the WEB information exchange standard, and adopt the corresponding security standard to provide security and confidentiality technology.

The content of business activities is the same:

Both e-commerce and Graphic design marketing include market-oriented activities centered on market transactions, that is, both include various business activities that facilitate the realization of transactions (such as online product display, online public relations, online negotiations, etc.) and electronic transactions that enable transactions. Trade activities (mainly the use of the Internet to realize information communication before transactions, online order transmission and payment in transactions, and after-sales service after transactions, etc.), and the use of corporate intranets for information management of personnel, finance, etc.

The promotion of online marketing to e-commerce;

E-commerce refers to the realization of the electronicization of the entire trade activities. All parties to the transaction conduct any form of transaction in the form of electronic transactions rather than through face-to-face exchanges and direct face-to-face interviews. From this we can see that e-commerce is about transactions and trade activities Click here. During the entire transaction process, make full use of the Internet to conduct transactions in the form of online negotiation, online transaction, online payment, etc., so as to strengthen communication between enterprises and customers, quickly respond to customer needs, simplify transaction procedures, reduce transaction links, and reduce transactions. Cost, the purpose of improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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