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Top 7 exceptional apps for writers to use in 2020

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IA writer

Writing currently is another name of typing with the changes that it requires thoughtfulness in the words and reflection of your wisdom. To say every writer can be a typist but not every typist is a writer would not be wrong. For many of us, writing is now just another form of brainstorming and pen downing ideas on a rough draft which shapes into a final draft also the final writing piece.

As most of the work is expanding online and many writers prefer their laptops of tablets over the writing by hand. Now if you are one of those writers who you brush off your writing skills by using a device. Then you should keep an eye out on these android devices which we are going to discuss. These will help you in shining your writing talents more.

There is no doubt that Google docs and MS office applications for Android are more than fine but for a more dedicated writer, one needs the more efficient tools to create a good writing piece. Hardworking writers deserve more some next-level application. For this, we have made a list of 7 tools that you can easily download on Android and get the best writing experience.

1. Ia writer

IA writer

IA writer is most often compared with the best writing applications. And why not because of its smooth interface that very easily gets you to focus on just the writing without any distraction.  The design of the application is very minimalistic. That is the job of the writing application that motivates you to write more. IA writer does this job very efficiently.

There is a toolbar on the upper right-hand corner where you can find most of the features like dark mode and the highlight of the syntax etc. The facilitation in writing that this application provides is unmatchable. We would highly recommend every writer who is used to typing on mobile phones to try this out. It is the killer of distraction and clutter-free.

2. Dubscript


If you are a screenwriter and most of the time you spend on screens trying to make a final draft of your play, there is this application that we cannot recommend you enough. Interestingly it is also called the Dubscript.

Dubscript is more for the somewhat mature writers who are just fed up with beginner application that the internet is flooded with. It gives the option of the line by line formatting that is perfect for the screenwriter. Other than that, comments, content analysis, and collaborations features are available as well. The author has the liberty of measuring the elements like story track and traits of the character using the analysis feature.

There is a beat board that can be used until you are satisfied with the final arrangements. It can bring the editors and writers on board simultaneously. They both can give their input on the draft. And when the writer is done with the final draft of the scrip it can easily be exported wherever you can without any hassle.

The only downside of the application along with its great features is the price tag that it holds. For example, a writer may not have money to spare. This is slightly unfair but if you are the one with deep pockets then it is a stellar application.

3. JotterPad


In comparison with other applications, Jotter pad gives the rich experience while giving its minimalistic vibes. Because the interface is smooth and clutter-free therefore, the Jotter Pad has become the choice of many writers. The dictionary and word count with the typewriter view make the feature-wise a good application.

Thereis typeface that can be personalized, for example, you can select the one that is more pleasing to look at becausethe writer has to look at for many hours. As you get the subscription of the application, developers offer a cloud service that syncs the content of the application with the device.

4. Writer plus

writer plus

Another remarkable application for the writers goes by the same name called writer plus. It is the minimalist successor of the app called writer. The developers claim to be it simple and easy to use and it fulfills its claims. There are many compelling features that make it a unique and must-have application for the writers. One of that includes the keyboard shortcut that it supports. Obviously for this one has to use the keyboard which is great for longer typing.

5. Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo


Plagiarism in the writing content is a bad impression on the writer’s part. Therefore, we would recommend having a plagiarism checking application at hands. Being a writer there is always the need of a good plagiarism checker so that your content remains original and authentic. Prepostseo provides the good application of plagiarism checker for android. The application is easy to use and free of cost. The use of application is process of copy paste and the app gives the result instantaneously.  The sentences which resemble some other sources are usually highlighted with the different color mostly red. You can download the repost of plagiarism and can export to any other device.

6. Evernote


One application that is the need of every college student and also greatly popular is the Evernote. It is a multifunction tool that is used as a planner, organizer, and document scanner and whatnot. The interface of Evernote can be a little bit overwhelming. But if looked at the tons of features that it offers, it can easily be ignored.

The features that it offers are unmatchable to any other Android application.

The sync option of Evernote makes its sync with any other cloud services you choose. Also, like most of the note-taking apps the writing piece can be transferred to any other device in the form of PDF etc.

If you manage to avail the premium version of this application the offline access and access to the unlimited devices can be achieved as well.

7. inkredible


This is a different tool from all of the above. The niche is unique as it offers the handwriting option of the text. If you are one of those writers who prefer to use their hands while writing and like a handwritten note. It gives the feeling of the text that is written by hand. Although you should use a stylus while writing, it gives better results. The people using the tabloids get the best result out of it. There are text boxes that can be moved around. Therefore, if you are a writer looking to experience the handwritten text which has its feel, then we would recommend using the inkredible. Application for Android is free of cost.


We have listed the 7 tools that as a writer you can get benefit from. The applications are free for androids and can be a great help for the writers. There are options for a new writer and as well as the matured ones looking for more sophisticated tools, multiple options are available. There is dubscript to Evernote, giving the options from writing the script toa mere note. There is every type of application for every kind of writer.

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