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Grammarly for Mac Mail and its importance of usage

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Grammarly for Mac Mail usage

Grammarly is one among the perfect and best solution to perform the proofreading task on your documents, mail system, and many more. Since 2009, many users are utilizing this program to check their grammar issues. You can make use of its Native App for Windows platforms and as well as on the Web. We are happy to say the Grammarly for Mac Mail is also available on the online platform.

It includes numerous special features to assist the users in proofreading or writing your documents without any errors. They improve your writing methods, improper sentence formation or construction, punctuation mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and many more. Grammarly download extended its support to the Mac operating system and launched a new dedicated app. It has powerful compatibility and similar features to target most users like professionals, writers, students, and as well as bloggers. Furthermore, let’s have a look at some of the essential information about Grammarly for Mac Mail below.

Grammarly for Mac Mail usage

Importance of Punctuation Checker and Advanced Grammar

Similar to other operating systems, Mac OS also sucks using the built-in spell checkers. Your documents can only detect the basic grammar mistakes and that is not enough to deliver the high-quality documents. Even MS Word (Microsoft Office) is able to only provide enhanced assistance for punctuation checking, grammar, and spelling. However, it is not enough to deliver the accurate document. The same thing applicable for a browser or Apple Mail either.


Most of the bloggers utilize the search engines to deliver the quality writing that determines its relevance and that is one among the best factors. Hence, it is most important to draft the documents with a clean copy and need to avoid the punctuation mistakes, spelling, and grammars.

You can easily compare the old documents with your new documents after utilizing the Grammarly program. Numerous grammar errors will not be automatically detected by using the default spell checker feature. Moreover, it is essential to thank the Grammarly program to assist in drafting the blogs with regards to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Most of the professionals need to communicate constantly with their partners and clients. It is essential to check the mails and communication way. Grammarly assists them to double-check the contents within the important mail before sending it to the clients. Moreover, it helps to create the company’s web page, presentations, marketing collaterals, and many more. With compared to the default spell checker, Grammarly is much helpful tool for the professionals.

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Importance of Grammarly

Grammarly is one among the best and more advanced tool for grammar checker that is available for the users in both premium and as well as free versions. You can utilize 150 critical spelling checks and grammar by using the free version. However, you can gain the following features by utilizing the premium version:

  • More than numerous advance spelling checks, punctuation, and grammar tools.
  • Make use of the Word choice suggestions to improve the vocabulary and as well to express more precisely and efficiently.
  • While drafting the sales or technical document (even Grammarly for Mac mail or Apple mail), writing style check based on genre-specific can be used into the account.

Most of them utilize the plagiarism detector tool to cross-check against your original copy. Many of them fail to use this feature. However, I would say that the plagiarism detector, the most valuable tool for any editor who hires other writers to produce and publish various contents or even works along with the team.

It is more essential to use the premium account of Grammarly tool that has advanced spelling checks and grammar to utilize the grammar rules which assist the users to identify the most common errors and also other potential errors such as style issues, sentence structure, punctuation, and as well as complex grammar.

Browser Integration

Grammarly tool offers numerous browser extensions for all the major web browsers. On the Mac operating system, it includes Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Some reviewers informed that the user may experience some issues while utilizing the Grammarly tool on either Chrome or Safari web browsers.

Native Mac App

It is much better to use the Mac Desktop App for Grammarly check on your Microsoft Word documents apart from importing the files through the web app. It is also required to check the other applications like Apple Mail and others. To overcome this situation, you need to import the word documents directly into the Grammarly tool, correct the entire punctuation mistakes or spelling and export the contents back into the word document.

This could be the best approach to work on without losing any structure or draft within the process. Before completing the final proofread, it is essential to format the document after finishing the grammatical and spelling errors with the help of Grammarly tool.

Grammarly App for iOS

Grammarly App for iOS has recently launched the new iOS keyboard extension for user’s benefit. This is an excellent and efficient spell checker tool that can be utilized on iPhone and iPad devices. For instance, you can install the Grammarly for Mac Mail on your iOS devices by downloading the native app directly through the Apple Store. You need to log in with your Grammarly account to download the app.

Now, you can add the new additional keyboard by accessing the Setting menu. Under the General category, choose the Keyboard section. Within that, select the option named Add New Keyboard. Enable the feature “Allow Full Access” to the newly-installed Grammarly keyboard.

Grammarly tool will work only with Full access and it needs to access everything within the document after enabling the new keyboard settings. It is strongly recommended that the user should not utilize the keyboard extensions of third-party while entering sensitive information like passwords, etc.

Check Grammarly for Mac Mail

If you are using a web browser like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc to draft or check emails, then it is advisable to install the appropriate browser extension of the available web browsers like Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The browser extension of Grammarly will assist the users to draft the document mistake-free from anywhere on the web.

Visit the official website

In case, if you are using a Windows system and Microsoft Outlook program then within the Outlook program, you can easily check the grammars on your emails. To install the Grammarly tool on your Microsoft Office program then please visit the official website to download the tool. It is also possible to copy the entire content of your email and double-check the same using the Grammarly Editor and export the same into your mailing app. Hopefully, the discussion on Grammarly for Mac Mail will be helpful for you.

Note – Before you think to install the Grammarly tool on your Microsoft Office software, you need to check and confirm your Microsoft Office version along with your operating system. You can access the official website to check for the compatibility and system requirements. Finally, it is sorry to say that Grammarly does not support the browser integration with Mozilla Thunderbird, Airmail App, or Apple Mail.

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