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How to hack windows 10/8/7 password without software?

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hack windows 10/8/7 password without software

Most of them use some secure password on our computer systems as Administrators. It is the easiest way to secure our data from being hacked up or from being used by some third party sources without having our authorization. This password protection is only for improving the security aspects of our computer system still we sometimes get indulged into problems especially when we try to operate our computer system after a long time. The situation generally arises due to the forgetting of the administrator’s password. At this stage, people are moving with hack windows 10/8/7 password without software.

hack windows 10/8/7 password without software

Offer different solutions

If you also have locked your computer system as an administrator and now have forgotten the password soon, this article is going to be a great help for you. We are going to provide you here the two different solutions to deal with such annoying situation without using any software tools. The solutions we are going to mention there will be a natural hack windows 10/8/7 password without software without altering any changes or resetting the password. For more similar issues to sort out, you can check here.

Solution 1: Create a new Admin

If you have forgotten your Windows 10/8/7 password, the best thing you can do for accessing the stored that is to create a new Admin account without logging in to the main account. If we go for the resetting option, it may cause damage to the EFS encrypted files and stored credentials of your data associated with the old password, rather than resetting it, using some other source would be a more excellent idea. The only things you have to do here are:

Steps to follow

  • Use Windows installation DVD to boot your computer system.
  • The Installation Windows screen will appear on your home screen. Tap on Repair your computer system to move further with the process.
  • For users of Windows 10/8, they can make click on Troubleshoot followed by Advanced Option and then tap on Command Prompt and if you are using Windows 7, you can tap on System Recovery Options followed by clicking on Command Prompt option.
  • Whenever command prompt appears on your home screen type the command:

copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\

copy /y d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

  • Once done,, hit Enter to continue with the further process.
  • Restart your computer system to ensure the changes added successfully and then remove the install disk from your device.
  • The login screen will appear on your home screen. Press SHIFT key consistently five times to continue.
  • The command prompt will open up on your home screen. Add the following commands to add up a new Admin account here.

net user {user_name} /add

net localgroup administrators {user_name} /add

  • On the completion of the entire process successfully, now reboot your computer system and make a secure login to your Windows computer again using the new admin account.

Solution 2: Enable Automatic Login

If you have tried up with the above method for hack windows 10/8/7 password without software carefully and still don’t have to get the perfect solution for the same, you can continue the password bypass process by enabling the automatic login feature. This bypass will not save much of your time is spend on typing the password every time you use your computer system but also offers you secure access to it as well. For configuring your computer system to bypass the Windows login screen automatically, all you have to do is:

Steps to follow

  • Open Run dialog box from your computer system by pressing the Windows Key and R button altogether.
  • Once the Run command box will open your device, now type netplwiz into the following column and then press Enter to continue.
  • Go to the User Accounts dialog box, and then select the user you are willing to make an automatic login to.
  • Uncheck the “Users must enter a user name and a password to use this computer” option.
  • Hit OK to confirm the changes added.
  • Now type the password you have to select the account for and then confirm it.
  • That’s it. Whenever you start the Windows, it will automatically bypass the login screen and lead you towards the main screen option.


So Guys! These were two fantastic solutions to hack windows 10/8/7 password without software for it. The only thing you need to care about is to follow the steps carefully, as any mislead holds the capacity to make you fail in your password bypass process.

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