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How Can You Streamline Your Processes By Using A Work Order Software

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In this age of cut-throat competition, time, more than anything else, determines a project’s success. You cannot waste your precious time and resources on petty affairs when there are other, more pressing matters worthy of your attention.

Out of all tasks that you need to take care of every day, facility management and maintenance can be the most taxing.

Hence work order management, although one of the most underrated components of a business, is a big deal.

In a facility, many departments follow work orders. They are especially beneficial to the maintenance department. It helps and guides them through scheduled, preventive, emergency repairs, and more.

However, when there are many tasks at hand, the old pen and paper method of work orders is ineffective.

These tasks require work order management software. The software helps to simplify the process and effectively manage work orders depending on priority. It also stores previous maintenance records.

What is a Work Order Management Software

Work order management software empowers maintenance managers to manage maintenance tasks. It provides all the work order details in one dashboard. It helps to get real-time updates, manage service requests, and also leave feedback.

With CMMS software, you can see the status of maintenance tasks and maintenance employees, the completed and the remaining work. You can also assign tasks to employees, complete work order reports, and manage employee data.

Benefits of Work Order Management CMMS Software

There are several benefits of using CMMS software in an organization.

Asset Life

A company has many pieces of equipment, machinery, and assets. It is necessary to keep track of these assets to maintain them. A work order management software can help you to track the condition and asset life of every piece of equipment within the factory to make sure they are working well at all times.

After learning about the asset status, you can make the right decision to save costs and increase its life cycle. You can also schedule preventive maintenance after every few days or months, depending on the equipment, to keep it in good shape.

Thus, a work order management software can significantly reduce the maintenance costs on assets by discovering problems before they occur.


Manufacturing or production units are loaded with many types of dangerous equipment. For example, an overhead crane may fall off from its place, or there may be no coolant in a boiler plant.

Safety is a top concern while working in this environment. To prevent mishaps, there is a need to inspect equipment and maintain records regularly.

Moreover, situations such as a gas leak are emergency issues that need to be resolved immediately. They can also further increase the idle time.

Hence, there is a need for a work order management software that can deal with instant issues and keep records.

Enhanced Asset Performance

You can optimize your assets and increase their performance only if you undertake maintenance on time.

Additionally, by forecasting specific equipment and machinery issues on time, you can eliminate the need to undergo a full repair.

It can save the organization a lot of money from many repairs and reduce idle time and keep the machine in an excellent working state. Thus, it will enable more production by enhancing the machine and also keeping it in peak condition.

Detailed Reports

A work order Software can also help you create detailed reports of every maintenance work you perform. These reports help supervisors assess the maintenance work done, understand the design changes after maintenance, and plan for future maintenance. You can also use previous maintenance as a reference for the maintenance of any other tool with similar specifications.

Moreover, you may review these reports, use analytics to find out underperforming assets, and grade employee work.

Paperwork Reduction

There was a time when humans had to write work orders for every maintenance. The pen and paper system of maintaining orders was flawed, and many times papers went missing. Additionally, the ticketing system was labor-intensive and required more employees.

However, thanks to CMMS management software, you can easily organize and automate many of the traditional pen and paper method tasks. Moreover, instead of scrounging through tons of paperwork debris, you can access the data with a simple click and search.

A Work Order Software can keep everyone on the same page with the maintenance work.

How a Work Order Software Can Help Streamline Your Work Processes

A Work Order Software enables the smooth functioning of processes throughout the work order life cycle.
Let us look at how it helps across the various stages of the work cycle.

Preparing Work Order

Whenever there is a requirement for repair and maintenance work, the standard procedure is to send a work order to the maintenance team. Based on this work order, the maintenance manager will send their team to resolve the issue.

Work order software will enable you to send real-time updates of these situations which require maintenance. You can also upload pictures to work orders to help contractors to come prepared for the work.

Additionally, you can also find previous maintenance details of the equipment. Thus, it will help contractors and maintenance teams understand what kind of maintenance can be applicable.

Receiving and Completing the Task

Work order management system provides a swift means of two-way communication between the person seeking repairs and the maintenance and repair team. It boosts speed and efficiency in communication.

Thus, the work orders are swiftly accepted, and the repair work takes a shorter time.

Moreover, as contractors check in with their work orders, facility managers can ensure that the contractors have arrived for work.

Feedback on Work

After the maintenance team or contractor completes the work, the facility manager evaluates it.  The maintenance manager can see the feedback of the facility manager. They can then ask their team to make the necessary changes.

Invoice Submission and Payment Tracking

After the work is done and approved, the contractor or the maintenance manager will send the work order in the invoice.

A Work Order Software arranges and segregates them between completed and remaining work orders and paid and unpaid ones. Thus, you can resolve payment issues efficiently.


Work orders are a requirement for maintenance tasks. Work Order software can help you efficiently track orders, schedule maintenance, and manage assets, employees, invoices, and payments. Thus, it is the lifeblood that keeps the organization going.

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