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How To Add Multiple Gmail Accounts In Android And Ios

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Why To Create More Than One Gmail Account ?

To create a balance between professional and personal life, one must have multiple Gmail accounts which makes it easier to segregate the information you get on a daily basis. For example, you need to have an account to manage your client base which is work related and you must have an other account for the personal use to store information like payment transactions, travel details etc. With the above said instance, you will agree with us that it has become very common to manage two or more Gmail accounts.

Separate Gmail account can be created for not so important mails like marketing related news letters, sale alerts, promotional offers etc. A lot of mails do come everyday from these sources which may disturb your professional mails by letting the essential ones to spam automatically. With a separate Gmail account, all these non essential messages will be collected in one place from which you can access them.

But have you ever thought and felt managing multiple accounts is a bit annoying as you need to log in and log out after every use? Don’t worry you have us to let you keep your back in tough times. We have some easy methods to manage your accounts. Let’s take a quick glance on how to setup and manage multiple Gmail accounts on your smartphone.

Gmail Setup Technique For Android Users:

Here is the step by step procedure on how to easily manage multiple Gmail accounts if you are an Android user.

* Go to the home screen and select settings and tap on the Accounts option.

* You will see all the accounts which you are logged in. Choose Add Accounts.

* Select Google and enter the security pin and password to proceed.

* Gmail login screen appears where you need to enter the existing email or select Create account and proceed to next.

* Enter the required credentials to login.

* When you are done, the Gmail settings appear. The new account will be listed along with the previous account.

* Once you add the second account, both the Gmail accounts will be linked to your Android phone through which you can send as well as receive emails from either of the accounts as you need it.


Follow the below mentioned easy steps to manage multiple accounts for iOS users.

* Click on the settings option and select Mails.

* Go to the Accounts section and click Add Accounts.

* Select Google and proceed further.

* Gmail sign up page will appear where you need to give the necessary information. Proceed to next and once done you can now sync all the accounts and use them as needed.


Hope this article on how to manage multiple Gmail accounts helped you to segregate the information needed accordingly. We welcome you with your suggestions to improve the information provided by us. Post your queries and suggestions in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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