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How to Choose the Best External Keyboard for MacBook?

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best external Keyboards for MacBook

While choosing the best keyboard for your MacBook there are many things which you need to consider before buying a keyboard. In this article we have brought you different types of best wireless keyboards which are available in the market.

best external keyboards for mac book

So, if you are in a dilemma or looking to buy the keyboard for a MacBook but don’t have so much knowledge in it then you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss four parameters which you need to look at before buying Keyboard for your MacBook.

  • Design
  • Connection Type
  • Key Layout
  • Battery life


Design is one of the first things which you need to consider before buying the best external Keyboards for MacBook. Choosing the best design keyboards will give you comfort and it also increases your productivity. There are many fancy keyboards in the market which look good from outside and don’t give you a proper comfort while using it. So, make sure to buy a good design keyboard which offers better comfort and easily transfers from one place to another.

Connection Type:

There are only two types of keyboard which is available in the market one is wireless and second one is wired. The best part with the wireless keyboard is you don’t have to worry about the cable and you can easily place your mouse wherever you want looking at your comfort. Besides this, the best part with the wireless keyboard is you don’t have to worry about the power. Most of the wireless keyboards are more expensive than good wired keyboards. So, it depends on your budget and the requirement which you are seeking upon.

Key layout:

Key layout is another most important thing which you need to consider. Sometimes choosing a fancy keyboard seems to have a bad layout Like (F-keys) which is placed on the single line in place of traditional four key pods which often makes it difficult for people who use keyboards for typing purposes. So make sure to check this thing before choosing the fancy keyboards.

Battery life:

If you want to buy wired keyboards then you don’t have to worry about the battery life. Battery life is mainly important for people who are thinking of buying wireless keyboards. Most of the keyboards are wired operated but besides this, there are also rechargeable keyboards as well. Though, it is expensive to buy rechargeable batteries but for a longer period of time it will be beneficial for you than wired keyboards.

We have brought you five different types of Keyboards which will help you while buying proper keyboards for your MacBook:

  • Apple Magic Keyboards
  • Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard
  • Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboards
  • Anker Ultra Compact Profile wireless Bluetooth keyboard etc.


These are the things which you need to check or look before buying keyboards for your MacBook. Besides this, there are many things including price which you need to look at but we have discussed the most important parameter in the above point. An external can play an important role if you want comfort and it will also increase your productivity while working.

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