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How to Name a Song: The Title for Your Music

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Songwriter brainstorming song titles with pen and paper.

You wrote a song, and you don’t know how to name it? Don’t worry about how to name a song – we will tell you all about it in this article.  Choosing a name is more than a task – it can be a point of success for your song. The title can make a huge difference – it is the song’s identity that can impact its success and if people will memorize it.

In this article, I am writing about a few tips – some of which are traditional and technological – that can help you choose the perfect title for your song. Even if you are a new songwriter or already experienced musician, here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect title for your music. Read on and find out how you can choose it so that it fits your listeners and their perspective.

Creative Naming Techniques

Naming the song can be as long and creative a process as writing the lyrics of the music itself. There are a few approaches to finding a perfect title that follows the song’s theme and message it brings to the listeners, but it doesn’t have to necessarily have to be mentioned in the lyrics. The title can actually lead the listeners and make them perceive the meaning of the song in a whole different (and deeper) way than they would if the title were different.

One of the methods is brainstorming – you can find your group of friends or family, or even strangers, sing a song and show them lyrics, and then explain the meaning of it, and they can help you pick the title – more brains bring more ideas.

Another method is to use the concepts (often abstract) of some particular words that can help elevate some emotions or ideas. Some of the examples are titles like “Yesterday” by The Beatles or “Creep” by Radiohead, which give a sense of nostalgia and alienation, respectively, without detailing the song’s narrative.

Musician writing song lyrics outside to inspire a song title.

Leveraging Technology: Song Name Generators

In the age of digital music production, especially with the rise of AI (we now have a bunch of AI tools, like writing and plagiarism tools), you can use technology to help you pick the perfect name for your song. There are many song title generators, like the one available on Leiizy. They use various algorithms to suggest titles based on keywords, genres, or moods you input. These tools can provide a bunch of title ideas, from which you can either select a title directly or use it as inspiration for further creativity.

I would always recommend that you at least modify the titles a bit, but it can be a great tool to start if you have no idea how to name it or just to see if your idea even matches with the points that artificial intelligence suggests and the meanings it would find for the song. It can be a great starting point.

Historical Success Stories

If we look back at the past, we can examine some of the song titles that went great and that are still present and bring a lot of meaning to the music industry. For instance, the Goo Goo Dolls’ song is named “Name”. That name is not only memorable but also captures the essence of the song. That contributed to its popularity, which has lasted for years now.

That is just one example of how a great pick of the name for your song can make a big difference and how it can impact the song’s reception, long-lasting popularity, and memorability of the audience. The music market is huge, so the question “How to name a song” is really very important. Do not hurry – take your time, and even if it lasts more than you expected, wait for that perfect title for your song to come up to you. You can grow big!

Educational Use of Song Naming

Song naming is not only for musicians or singer-songwriters; it is also present in the educational industry. Learning students how to name a song is a great way to improve their creativity, to learn them how to communicate with the audience and how to get, examinge and understand the feedback. It can also be used to teach spelling and phonics.

This approach is evident in resources provided by educational sites like Play to Learn Preschool, where song naming (picking a song name) is part of interactive learning activities.

Young boy passionately singing into a microphone.


Whether you’re drawing from personal experiences, using technological tools, or learning from the history of music, the process of naming your song is an artistic endeavor that reflects the soul of your musical creation. By considering these various aspects, you can craft a song title that not only resonates with your audience but also stands the test of time.

Remember, the right song title can make all the difference. So, take your time, experiment with different methods, and find out how to name a song and use a title that truly represents your song’s story and essence. Happy songwriting!

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