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How to Plan a Family Camping Trip in 2021 – The Complete Guide

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In today’s time, every human being is tightly surrounded by day-to-day activities. Sometimes we get a bit worried about our mental and physical health. We can get a gym membership to maintain physical health. For mental health, it is always better to have an outdoor family camping trip. Your pet dog and kids will be excited about the family camping trip.

Don’t worry at all. Your search for how to plan a family camping trip ends here. Below, we have a detailed and complete guide on how to plan a family camping trip. Planning is always better to be prepared for everything. You just need to follow this guide and you will be confident about the camping trip.

Steps to Plan a Family Camping Trip


Below, we have a brief discussion on how to plan a family camping trip. We have discussed this guide in steps. By the end, you will be purely confident about your trip.

  1. What Kind of Camping You Want to Do?

The very first step is to decide what kind of camping you want to do? Car camping? Backpacking? Boat camping? Or Canoe-camping? If your family is on their first camping trip then car camping is the best option. Your whole family gets a convince of vehicles and you will be going to easily transport your camping gears and bags in a car. A backpacking trip is good if there are adults in your group and not kids. Boat camping and canoe camping is based on your camping taste. Still, if it is your first time then go car camping.

  1. Choose Your Camping Destination

The next, important step is to select the right destination. If you have kids in your group then go to a campground with amenities. If there are adults in your family camping group then you can experience real camping in a remote location. There are several established campgrounds in the world. Some of them offer really good sort of amenities and gives you a comfortable experience. We all know that camping is a great way to have quality time with family. That’s why reservations on campgrounds are taken up to a year. Hence, if you need a good site then make sure to have a reservation in advance. Still, some campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Packing Gears

There is no comfortable camping trip without perfect gear. You are getting outside of your comfort zone. Hence, you have to become prepared. Let’s have a list of important gears to have on a camping trip:

– Flashlights

– Camping tents with rainfly

– First aid kit

– Extra batteries

– Camping mattress

– Sleeping bags

– Water carriers

– Sunscreen

– Camping lantern and fuel

– Insect repellent

– Waterproof containers

– Camping stove and fuel

– Blankets

– And anything that seems important to you

Make sure to have camping gear according to the natural environment. The gears required for camping in cold will be a little bit different from camping in the summers.

To ensure that you have carried all the gears is making a list. You can also involve kids by letting them make their list. Allow them to carry their favorite toy and book so that feels comfortable at the camping site.

The best way to pack all such camping gear is storage bins. You can also label them – one for cooking equipment, one for camping gear, and one for food. This storage bin can be easily stored in a car and will keep your equipment safe from wild animals when you are not at the site. You must need a good 6 person camping tent or 8 person tents for camping. If you have any other best packing idea then you can share with the community in the comments section below.

  1. Select the Best Route to Campground

You can make your family camping trip joyful by adding a few activities. You can start by selecting the best route to go to the campground. Search for locations on a map. Make sure to have an offline map of the campground with you. Internet services may not work at the camping site especially when you are in a remote location. You can also plan to have stopped before reaching the camping site. These stops may be some fun activity or a food outlet. The main motive of a camping trip with family is to have quality time. You can also plan a few activities that you and your kids will enjoy while on the campground.

  1. Make a Snacks and Meal Plan

No one will be going to enjoy such a camping adventure with a hungry stomach. It is very important to have perfect snacks and meal plan before leaving your comfort zone. Make sure to bring gummy bears, granola bars, and crackers for kids. This stuff will keep your kids motivated. When you are on a camping trip, it becomes very important to have nutrients rich food. Therefore, plan your meals accordingly.

Make sure to carry a suitable camping stove and fuel with you. You can also engage kids in the cooking process. Not just snacks and meals, water is an important part to consider. You have to always be sure that your family is well-hydration. Carry some good sort of water carriers and bottles with you. Just be sure that your planned meals are kid-friendly.

  1. Share Responsibilities with Everyone

The best way to make your family camping trip successful is by sharing structural responsibilities with everyone. You can distribute responsibilities like cleaning the tent, gathering firewood, cooking, etc. You have conquered the campground if your entire family has their responsibilities.

Just make sure to not over plan your family camping trip. You can enjoy the camping trip with a positive mindset and allowing your kids to have some fun. If you have a pet dog or cat then make sure that pets are allowed at your selected camping site.

  1. Load The Vehicle

Now, you are confident and perfectly packed with equipment and supplies for a comfortable camping trip with your family. You can load the vehicles. As we already said, storage bins will be stored efficiently in your car. If your car is packed with campers and other stuff then you can tightly keep your camping tent and other stuff on the roof of your car.

Our Verdict

Planning a camping trip is very important especially when your family is with you. Above, we briefly discussed how to plan a family camping trip. Make sure that you and your kids stay dry on the camping site. If you find that it will rain anytime then quickly put the rainfly over your tent. If you have any questions for us then you can comment below. Keep reading for more happy family camping guides and tips.

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