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How to Watch Movies Online for Free?

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online movies

online movies

Movies have become one of the necessities to survive this lockdown. It feels like every day, we want to watch something new and interesting, we are not even concerned with the language of the film. At this time, where there are demands to watch different movies, we need to find sites that are free and legal. In this article, we will give you a list of sites where you can easily watch several movies and web series without having to pay a penny.

So without further ado, let us start with the article.

Best Websites To Watch Movies Online


Well, this is a site that is rapidly growing. It consists of a wide range of movies but mostly Tamil movies. Tamilyogi has a collection of old and new Tamil movies. Tamilyogi has released many popular movies before its release and they have over 10,000 servers from where they stream movies. There’s an advanced version of tamilyogi which is tamilyogi pro which offers much better content.


This site was initially under the sole control of Sony and has been subjected to many name changes for a long time with once being called Sony Crackle. Now, this site is jointly owned by both Sony and CSS Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. It was also called Crackle Plus but now it is simply called crackle. 

This site is inclusive of content from Popcornflix Comedy, Frightpix, Truli, and Popcornflix, along with other sites. It also consists of some shows from the movies and television shows of Sony. 

Some hit movies like Speed, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and The Transporter can also be discovered on this site. It also includes a mesh of typical B- rated movies but it is no longer available in Canada, Australia, and Latin America. The only difficulty is that there are many advertisements on this site.

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3.IMDb Tv

This IMBD TV is owned by Amazon. There are many free movies and web shows which are supported by numerous AD’s. This site has received rights to many series owned by Disney which are Desperate Housewives, Lost, Malcolm in the Middle. This being the only site where you can watch Malcolm in the Middle and Lost. 

There are various TV shows present in the library of this site like La La Land, Zodiac, and Forensic Files. This site can be streamed on your Amazon Fire device, on the web, or the Apple TV with the help of the Amazon Prime App. This site is only available in the US at the moment. However, it will soon be available in Europe. 


This platform is owned by Walmart and it consists of a section that is completely free and is supported by various AD’s. The collection of movies on this site is very impressive. Some movies which can be found on this site are Bad Santa, Gravity, and the Iron Giant.

This site consists of movies having a quality of 4K and HDR. However, you need to form an account on Vudu, but the account will be free of cost. This app can be accessed through platforms like Apple TV, Roku, and game consoles. This is only present in America for now but soon even other countries will have access to it. 


Hoopla is a site that consists of a wide range of movies, you are only required to have access to a completely free library card and then you can see a large number of free downloads. This site will allow you to see a lot of movies because this site has a partnership with many local libraries that allow you to stream a lot of movies online. It has something more than ebooks, the only difference with Overdrive. 

However, to access this website, your location is important because the libraries cannot be accessed everywhere. In February 2020 there were a lot of movies available on this site. Only libraries that are present in Canada and the US can have access to the Hoopla libraries.


YouTube is a perfect streaming platform for watching various movies and you can find many popular movies on YouTube.However, most of these movies are a range of B-rated flicks. Most movies are available in the form of various parts and there are many quality-rated movies available on YouTube. Many premium movies are also available on this platform.

However, nowadays many movies are not available on this platform. Many creators of the movies seek copyrights for their movies and these movies are not available on this platform.

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Vimeo is considered better than YouTube as it has many movies that are available on this platform which do not have any ad’s and the user community of Vimeo is much more professional than the community of youtube.

There are many movies available on this platform that are produced by Vimeo users but also the majority of the movies are produced by others.

8.Plex TV

This is a site that consists of a wide range of movies that are supported by ads. This site is also available on a global platform and all you need is an account on Plex and it is free. 

There are a large number of platforms from where you can gain access to Plex TV was Apple TV and Roku TV.


We have given you a list of websites from where you can watch several free movies. We hope this article will rescue you from the boredom you might be facing while you are in this quarantine. You can find more such tech tips and tricks on TechCrucial.

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