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Why is Kodi dead? Follow some essential tips to solve in 2020

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is Kodi dead in 2019

Well, we have got this confusion when it comes to Kodi, as it keeps stopping when it is actually needed. However, this struggle can be known only to a Kodi user. Of course, Kodi is the best platform that serves as the right media player to watch all the favorite shows and movies without interruption. But, the real trouble arises when Kodi suddenly stops working, and then you start analyzing the problems and solutions for it. However, here we have got some solutions that are actually working when Kodi stops working for the most asked query “is Kodi dead”.

is Kodi dead in 2019

Methods to fix

Well, here we have mentioned all the methods and solutions that can be used to fix the Kodi problems pretty well. Also, you can get the solution for placenta addon not working.

1. Restart the Kodi Device

This happens whenever you are using Fire TV stick that is generally used to host Kodi device, you can simply restart the device. Well, this is the first method that you should try whenever any device is not working and not just Kodi.

  • You can simply select the main menu and click on the settings, then go for device and then click on restart option.
  • Even unplugging the power will restart the device.
  • Just wait for 15 minutes and then again start the device.

2. Kodi Cache

Yes, this is another solution that you can try and get the Kodi device started again is by clearing the cache of Kodi.

  • Clearing cache will automatically speed up the performance and of course the device as well, if you experiencing is kodi dead.
  • This option will stop the lagging and buffering in the system.
  • There is software available that will help you with cache clearing in the Kodi device.

There are also other tools that will help you with the process, just go ahead!

3. Uninstalling and Updating Add-Ons

Kodi sometimes may not start working with the above mentioned solutions, so here we have got this working method of uninstalling and updating the Kodi add-ons. Sometimes, Kodi may stop working due to the issues in the add-ons that you are using. However, add-ons, are being removed but yet, if you have got too many add-ons then you would have to remove some of them and then start working with the Kodi device, or else it may slow down the device and may ultimately stop working too.

Well, there are other ways too, that will help to solve the Kodi not working problems though. However, you can try updating the add-ons too and removing the non-usable add-ons that are involved in the Kodi device. You should also know to update the Kodi add-ons for sure, when you get to know that is Kodi dead.

How to update Kodi Add-On

If you are looking for updating Kodi Add-on, then make sure to follow the steps given below. For information, the below steps will be supportive for all the other add-ones like best real debrid addon.

  • First of all, you need to open the Kodi and search for the option Add-ons to choose.
  • Now, click the button “package Installer” which is located in the top left corner of your display screen.
  • After the above process is over, now tap on My add-ons and click on video add-ones.
  • Next, select the respective add-on and tap on button “Update”.
  • If valid, you can choose the latest version and wait until the add-on updated message will be appearing on your screen.
  • Now, launch Kodi and tap the settings tab which is available in the top left corner and then system information. You can see where the Kodi version will be displayed in the down right corner.

So, these are the things that you need to follow when it comes update Kodi. It also applicable to genesis reborn not working 2020 as well.  


Kodi is the most trending platform knowing for the perfect media player on the internet. But, sometimes there are issues with the device too, and hence you can simply try working out these popular methods and solutions that will help you to get rid of Kodi not working problems and other starting problems with the device. Just try these methods as these are even suggested by the top experts too and get solution for query “is kodi dead”.

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