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Five Essential Trends and Predictions in ITSM for 2020

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IT Service and Management has gone through some drastic changes in the year 2019. There are going to be even more fundamental transformations and a lot of impact of ITSM in 2020 too. The New Year is coming up, and businesses need to understand how ITSM is going to change as well as how it is going to affect their businesses.

This scenario is the reason why we have curated this blog post mentioning the trends and predictions involving ITSM software solutions that are going to have a massive impact in the coming years. Every organization’s IT department has to focus on these useful trends and forecasts so that they can keep up with the market and the latest happenings in the industry.

1. Will Become Mainstream

Enterprise service management is ever-growing, and as of now, there is nothing that can stop it. If you are a layman and don’t understand how enterprise service management or in short ESM works, then you have to understand it first. In Enterprise service management, organizations use ITSM to improve performance, service delivery, and efficiency.

There are various departments present in an organization, and the IT Service Management tool is used in all of these departments to improve efficiency. And these processes are further known as ESM. Companies out there are planning to enhance the use of ESM for the betterment of their organization.

2. ITSM will Become a Technological Hub for most Businesses

Uber, one of the most famous cab service providers across the world, has changed the cabs industry in various ways. It has connected technology with requirements and helped in the evolution of something bigger and better. Be it convenience or technological support, Uber stands atop, and now the ITSM is going to evolve as a new Uber for businesses.

How? The ITSM is mostly present in offices to provide support and help related to IT requirements. From Wi-Fi to device provisioning, an ITSM will take care of all the technological requirements. But with technological development, the new-gen employees will ask for more than Wi-Fi and device provisioning. There are a lot of benefits that one can gain from ITSM that companies usually ignore.

But in 2020, this situation is likely to change with IT Service Management software. There are so many companies that are trying to adopt the latest technologies and want to provide ITSM with more services than it is usually offering. ITSM will become a marketplace with everything and will start giving on-demand services whenever required, like Uber. In short, ITSM will act as a platform that provides all the IT related services that employees need, and this list will go beyond the basics. It is nothing less than a significant transition in the industry. The service desks will transform itself into a technology gateway for business.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become even more Advanced

Artificial Intelligence has already passed a lot of leaps and bounds and is now becoming a revolution. AI-enabled services are evolving as a common thing these days, and ITSM is adopting it too. Automation of ITSM is already happening, and it is going to become even more effective in 2020. The autonomous automation will make it easy to provide solutions when compared to manual operations.

So how is AI, really going to provide solutions for IT-related problems in an organization? It is through the use of data analytics. The history of a particular issue, along with real-time data, will help in providing solutions for specific problems.

This automation will help in instant solution provisioning, and reduces the need for manual intervention. Everything becomes easy and quick in an organization. The services that can be automated are- prioritization, categorization, and tickets assignment. In some organizations, even creating and delivery of tickets to customers involves automation processes. This way, a lot of operations can be automated, saving up a lot of time for both end-users and employees.

4. Privacy, Security and Many More

ITSM has data of everything regarding a company, be it the company’s internal matters or customers’ details, everything is accessible. They have access to a lot of private information that most people don’t know about in this scenario. It is vital to provide sufficient security that none of this information goes out.

Security is of paramount importance, and it is something that every organization should take extreme care of when dealing with this condition. Encryption of data, marking the files as PII, keeping the end-user data anonymous are some of the things that every organization has to achieve.

Data theft and misuse have become a common crime these days, and if necessary protection is not taken, to secure user data, then it may result in severe issues. This scenario should be one of the most critical aspects that every organization has to factor in. There will be minimal risk of data threat if proper security measures are part of ITSM.

5. Employee Productivity will turn as New Employee Experience

It has always been tough for IT department to understand and estimate the performance of employees. Companies strive for better employee experience, but it has always been a gray area as the definition of this experience varies from one person to another. ITSM department was never able to pin down on a particular thing and counted it as employee experience. But there is a hope that this will change in 2020. 

There are more and more organizations that understand the importance of value creation and the productivity of an employee. ITSM has to add value to employees and provide them with better service and provisioning so as to better deliver results to end-users.

If ITSM is successful in providing better employee experience, it becomes easy for employees to deliver better service.

Moving Forward

ITSM has already changed a lot in 2019, and these are the five most prominent trends and predictions that are associated with it for the coming year. There is very little time for 2020, and there are a lot of technological advancements that are going to have a significant impact on people then. Digital transformation is happening at a fast pace, and every organization has to keep up with the pace.

All the five points mentioned in the article are going to have a considerable impact on the organizations. There is no doubt in saying that they are going to aid the organization in more than one way. IT service management is the front runner for any digital transformation in any organization, and they must leverage these trends for the betterment of the entire company.

This is where feature rich Motadata ITSMis aligned to meet your digital transformation objectives.

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