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When personal computers began to spread, there was an overwhelming price difference between laptop computers and leading desk computers, and leading desk computers were able to obtain high-spec models at lower prices, so many companies were leading desk computers. Venta de Laptops en Monterrey introduced.Currently, the price difference and the function difference are small, and when considering the introduction of a new personal computer, it is difficult to decide which type to use. Understand the benefits of each implementation and deploy the right type.


The difference between a leading desk computer and a laptop computer:

One of the leading desk computers is a stationary type, so it is not suitable for work in different locations. It is also necessary to secure an installation space dedicated to the personal computer.Laptops are portable, but modern laptops have large screens and cannot be said to be “suitable for carrying around.” It is suitable when you want to use it in various places in the company.

What is a mobile computer?

Among laptop computers, the ones that are particularly small and lightweight are called “mobile computers”. There are no particular restrictions on size or weight, but the maximum screen size is about 14 inches, and the price is higher than that of a normal laptop computer.A mobile computer is recommended for people who need to use it outside the office when going out, but it is not recommended for people who use it only inside the office because the screen is small and it is difficult to improve work efficiency.

4 benefits of introducing a laptop to your company:

Adopting a laptop computer as a computer used in a company has many advantages other than being “movable”.Here are four benefits of introducing a laptop to your company. Consider the benefits that are effective in light of your company’s environment, and consider introducing them.

Benefits of introducing a laptop to your company 1: Portable

The first characteristic of laptops is that they are “portable.” Recently, many companies have introduced a free address work environment, so they do not always work in a fixed place (desk).

Companies that introduce free addresses will clean up their PCs and go home at the end of work, so it is essential to install laptops.

Benefits of introducing a laptop to your company 2: Get ready to work

Many laptops are set to sleep when the screen is closed, which is an excellent security measure when leaving the office. When you get back to your seat, all you have to do is wake it up, so you can resume work quickly.

Even if you need to move, you can carry it with your computer running, so even if you move to the conference room and take minutes, you can start working immediately without considering the startup time.

Benefits of introducing a laptop to your company 3: Space saving

Nowadays, the number of leading desk computers is increasing, but laptop computers can be easily put away in drawers and cabinets when not in use.

It is also possible to clean up the work desk without leaving it occupied by the computer. If you are in an environment where you cannot add a dedicated PC stand to your business desk, you can use the space more effectively by installing a laptop computer.Advantages of introducing a laptop computer to the company 4: Strong against power outages

In fact, more than being “portable”, the advantage of a laptop computer is that it is “resistant to power outages”.Laptops are equipped with a battery in addition to the normal power supply, and can be powered by the battery even if the power supply from the power supply is cut off due to a power outage.Even if there is a short power outage, the computer of one of the leading desks will go down, so the work up to that point will be lost, but if it is a notebook machine, you can continue working.

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