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USPS LiteBlue Epayroll Gov Online statement

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LiteBlue Epayroll

There is only one answer to which is the fastest postal service in the world? It is none other than the USPS a.k.a United States Postal System. It is one of the few government-run institutions which is adapting to the latest innovations and technological developments. Today in here, we will be explaining how to download epayroll or how to print your statement online through liteblue. If you aren’t aware of liteblue and its uses, please go through our previous articles on the topic. Liteblue webportal developed by USPS with the leading tech giants of silicon valley has made life simpler for its employees.

LiteBlue Epayroll

As of now, Liteblue login is the largest webportal run by any government run agencies which can handle over 6.5 lac employee data efficiently. Epayroll feature is one of the few notable features of liteblue, it enables the employee to see through his/her salary stats for the month. An employee can get to know more about their salary, leaves and can also get an overview on career development. Let’s put down our and look into some of the unique features of epayroll system.

Features of USPS – Epayroll System

There is no government payroll system that is compatible and efficient as a USPS epayroll system. If an employee needs to contact his/her supervisor for raising some complaints or to escalate some customer complaints, he/she could do the same using USPS epayroll system. Only full-time USPS employees are authorize to access the portal. Any kind of unauthorized access to the USPS payroll system will attract legal penalties.

  • One of the biggest benefits of the USPS payroll system is that it reduced a huge amount of paperwork. Almost 90% of the internal hr works can carry through USPS.
  • Epayroll system comes with a mobile application which makes it easier for its employees to access their data within their reach.
  • Whenever needed, an employee can even access his/her earning statement for previous terms for up to 40 consecutive prior pay periods
  • It also consists of information about upcoming events, new recruitments and other work related details.
  • It is 256k encrypted, which means, the website is protect by the latest available technology in the market.

How to Use USPS Epayroll Statements

An employee is providing with Self Service Password once you hire to USPS. One can login to USPS server with the temporary password and set up his/her profile. It is advised to change the password after the first login as the strength of the temporary password will be weak. After successful login, one can easily locate the epayroll application under My Hr > Find Employee apps. Once all the new records have undergone processing, earning statements will be available on Liteblue payroll. These epayroll statements provide every detail regarding your salary for the month. It will also include all benefits and deductions. These e statements are the exact copies comparing with printed statements.

Moreover, one can easily store the statements in his/her computer, by this way you can avoid the wastage of papers by reducing unwanted printing of salary statements. I hope you all are having a clear understanding about the features and uses of USPS Epayroll system. In case you have some further doubts regarding USPS or ePayroll system, please do share it with us using the comment section or contact us.

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