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Accessing advanced visualization tools from the same workspace as reviewing images also gives you new insights into diagnosis and access to new treatment options through a range of patient care. Our sepstream.comintegrated solution allows you to aggregate multi-modality images into a patient-centric environment and easily launch the advanced visualization tools needed to streamline diagnostics.Physicians become next-generation enterprise imaging solutionsWhat you want is just one word, “context.””Journal ofA recent study of Digital Imaging1 found that most of the radiation ordersSuggested that 60% have no mention ofsignificant chronic symptoms.However, the survey called it “lack of communication.”It is a “warning bell” and “may have an adverse effect on quality.”

It’s a worrying thing. ” For example, “chest pain”.The context of diagnostic imaging orders such as “lower abdominal pain” is basically,Because there is no, little useful information is provided to doctors.Behind these orders, along with the diagnostic results in this image.

If you can see your complete medical history, your doctor will be more accurate.

More knowledge for diagnosis and more effective treatment planning.

The latest imaging solution:

First-generation enterprise imaging systems come in a variety ofManipulate and visualize images such as DICOM in various waysExcellent for doing. However, non-DICOM patient data support for JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF is often

Limited to other image formats .Non-Structural PACS, Application Independent Clinical.Although the names are different, such as Preservation Record (AICA) 2, such a system.In the description of doctor’s findings and patient’s medical history that are not structured in.It provides little access to the important information it contains.

Also, a list of problems, problematic diagnoses, and ample patient records.

Visibility of related structured data, such as not being able to provide to doctors

There are also restrictions.

Data model:

Data is the cornerstone of medical applications, structured and non-structured. Various structured formats (records, images, events,Documents, etc.). Intersystems HealthPowerful multi-model for informatics platform data (documents, graphs, relational, key values).Equipped with base technology, which allows the application toEfficient all types of medical data in a common and consistent environmentCan be stored and read. This is in the United StatesIn an application that processes more than two-thirds of medical records.

It is the same data technology as the one used.HealthShare aggregates and integrates data from multiple sourcesvinegar. Its comprehensive data model is Enterprise ImagenApplication is all types of distributed data (Patient Day)Data, images, billing, genomic data) can be captured and storedTo do so.

Interoperability equipped from the design stage:

Effectively clinical with enterprise imaging solutions interoperability is essential to provide context.But for VNA and enterprise PACS systems many interoperability have received low ratings in KLAS analysis increase. As part of an enterprise aging environment .For solution providers who choose to use HealthShare Offers advanced interoperability capabilities as the core of the platform will be served. This has been 4, 1st place from KLAS for the last 10 years or It’s the same technology that has been continuously rated second. HealthShare is this enterprise imaging platformThe form provides next-generation medical service bus functionality

Consent and patient index:

HealthShare has a closely linked consent function and patient identification machine

Noh is included. These features are subordinate data models provided by. As a result, next-generation enterprise In the Imaging Solution, Solution Archi From a variety of sources, one of the most difficult aspects of texture Simplifies the management and control of comprehensive patient records created.Ensuring that only the right doctors have access to the right information without a solid consent function and patient index function.HealthShare Consent Service provides fine control of patient records

Allows data separation. Various facilities, doctor groups,Various consent pros for patients and even data types you can apply the file.

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