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PC Repairing Team Explaination in Detail

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Nowadays, high-performance PCs are available at a relatively low price compared to the past. Even PCs for playing MMORPGs that can be played with very beautiful images are sold at a relatively reasonable price.Nowadays, there are many PCs sold by manufacturers that can be used simply by taking them out of the box and connecting power supplies and peripherals, but “self-made PCs” that collect and assemble parts by themselves are still very popular.This time,we will introduce how to make your own PC with our team help and how to repair your own PC.We carry out more than 3,000 repairs a year, not only for notebook PCs and desktop PCs, but also for our own PCs and servers, and we have a solid track record.If you have any questions regarding computer repair, please ask. We will answer kindly and politely.Our

highly skilled staff is in charge of repairing your computer.We introduce the latest knowledge and technology every day to carry out accurate repairs.Of course, it quickly responds to new models and new hardware, Computer Repair Calgary.

We also regularly provide technical training on OS and hardware such as Windows XP, Vista, windows7, 8.1, windows10, MAC OS X, and OS 9.As a group of computer professionals, we have a lot of experience, achievements, and advanced technical capabilities.

What is a homebrew PC?

A home-built PC is one in which the user himself procures parts for the PC and assembles them.

The term and concept of “homebrew PC” is mainly used to contrast with manufacturer-branded PCs and PCs sold in the assembled state.

There are two ways to create a PC, one is to collect the parts that make up the PC one by one, and the other is to select and install the remaining parts based on the semi-finished product.Homebrew PCs have the lit that the specifications can be decided according to the user’s own preference and that it is easy to replace each individual part with a high-performance one.

However, there are some disadvantages, and unlike PCs made by manufacturers, there are many PCs that are not guaranteed to work. Some retailers have a service that guarantees operation as a compatibility guarantee, but there are many cases where it costs extra and the range is limited.

Once the operation is confirmed, maintenance is easy after that, so it is relatively easy to repair your own PC.In addition, it is highly possible that it can be used for a long time by replacing only the worn parts, and as a result, it may be cheaper than the manufacturer’s product.

Main parts of homebrew PC:

When you make your own PC, you will need a motherboard, CPU, memory, power supply, hard disk, solid state drive, optical drive, various expansion cards, and a case to store them.Also, an OS will be required to run the software on your own PC. Some OSs can be used for free, but most of them are purchased separately because the software that can be used is limited.Click here. Unlike the manufacturer’s PC, the software is not included, so you need to purchase it and collect it.When these are combined, the price may be about the same as or slightly higher than the finished manufacturer’s product.However, when repairing a self-made PC, you only have to buy the damaged parts, so it is cheaper, and if you use used parts, you can reduce the self-made cost. In addition, parts can be replaced on a part-by-part basis, which shortens the repair time itself.

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