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Youtube ReVanced APK Download

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Are you bothering about the advertisements that are frequently appearing in the middle of the videos on YouTube? Then there is the highly effective modded app which will serve as a premium version of youtube by blocking the ads. The name of this modded app is “YoutubeReVanced”. By using this application you can easily watch youtube videos without any community posts and advertisements.

Since at present most of the features that are present in the normal vanced version are encountering frequent issues. And almost the whole app is dead for while at this time all the vanced users are looking forward for a better version that can easily replace this vanced app. For this kind people this YoutubeReVanced is an excellent opportunity. Because it will provide all the features that are available in the vanced app that it will also provide some extra features also.

Download Youtube ReVanced APK For Android

About YoutubeReVanced Version

Basically, the Youtube ReVanced app is the advanced version of all other YouTube versions. It is nothing but a freely equipable and freely customised youtube client application that will exactly replace the partially discontinued vanced version of the YouTube.

Last update that is made on the YoutubeRe Vanced version is on November, 07 in the year 2022 itself. Which is the latest version of it that is available in the market. The size of the APK model is 136 MB and the version number is 17.43.36.

Which is named as ReVanced.It is maintained by the ReVanced team itself. At the same time it will come under the category of the entertainment. Since it came from the different developers apart from the vanced developers we can easily say that there are lots of differences in the both versions.

Features of the Revanced version of the YouTube

*Enabling  and disabling the background playback

Most of the people who are using youtube are always wanted to switch from one app to other app.In this position they need to turn off the current application that is youtube and can open new app.To put a full stop for this whole process this ReVanced version is coming with a background playback option. That means the current video that you are watching will never stop and keep on running as a background app.

*Predefined dark mode

The normal white mode causes lots of irritation to the eyes of users and makes the users to quit watching the video. To avoid this, ReVanced version is having predefined dark mode which is known as “Amoled dark mode”. Because of this fantastic option the user will feel very comfortable while looking at the screen. This option will completely transfers the screen from the normal look to standard dark theme. It is not only having eye comfortability but also it improves the app interface.

*Customized environment

In the normal form of youtube the user cannot able to do things which ever he wants and the user need to accustom to the environment of the standard form. But this version of the youtube enables the user to enhance the app in which ever way he wants.Like forcing the screen for either HDR or 60 fps resolution. Adjusting the playback speed from the 0.2x to nearly 2x. And even adjusting all features in just few clicks.

* Inbuilt ad-blocker and swiping controls

The first and foremost feature of this app is the blocking the ads without  causing any inconvenience to the user. This is automatically done by the app itself and not necessary to switch on any one of the option in the app.By using this app you can easily eradicate the useless ads. And swipe controls enables the user to control sound and brightness without going to the task bar of smart phone. And it is a efficient time saving feature.

*ReVanced music

We often listen to the word that is youtube music which is available for the premium subscribers of the youtube only. But this ReVanced version of the youtube enables the user to use youtube music at free of cost and background play back of the music is also done in simple clicks.

 The above-mentioned are the important features of the YouTube ReVanced among all of them the top most important feature is that it is available at free of cost that means you can enjoy all its features without paying a single penny to any one.

Installation process of the YouTube ReVanced APK

  The steps involved in the installation process of  a ReVancedyoutube version are,

  1. Firstly download the MicroG APK file from the official website of the ReVanced team.
  2. After downloading the suitable APK file navigate to the location where actually the file is downloaded.
  3. tap on the APK file.
  4. Now allow the source to run in your smart phone.
  5. And after that simply click on install button after installing it.
  6. Then tap on the ReVaced APK file menu on the screen.
  7. And again tap on the APK file and click on the install icon.
  8. After completing the installation process just simply click on the open button.
  9. Sign in into Gmail account to enjoy the ReVanced version of youtube in your smart phone.

For the purpose of installing the modded application of the youtube ReVanced, you can simply follow the steps which are mentioned in the above section.


Since both the teams of Vanced and ReVanced are completely different we don’t want to worry about the defects of the ReVanced version because it is coming with more extraordinary features than the Vanced version and covers all the loopholes that are present in the Vanced version.

Moreover, it is coming with lot of advantages. Once the user uses this new version he will definitely become fond of it and they will never go back to the normal version of the YouTube. It is completely worthy to install in any smartphone for the better experience of the YouTube. Even you can refer our website for the new and latest version of this YouTube ReVanced. And you can simply install it and enjoy all the advanced features of it

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