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How to use the best Snipping Tool for Mac OS

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Snipping tools for Mac OS 2019

Screenshots are most important for nowadays task and we never give more preference to its use. You can utilize the Snipping Tool for Mac and Windows OS that are available across the online platform. Most of them make use of it to communicate, show, and explain the required information. The screenshots may be sent as an image to showcase the program bug to their customer support team, a quick GIF format for your colleagues, a comedy message to your loved one, also helps to liven and enrich your daily communication patterns.

Snipping tools for Mac OS 2019

Create and modify screenshots

By default, Windows Operating System has its own Snipping Tool for creating and modifying your screenshots. In case, if you have changed your Operating system from Windows to a Mac then you need to look out for a Snipping Tool. No one will prefer to work without the use of screenshots. However, the Snipping tool for Mac is not available as of now.

But, the happiest news is that the operating system has an in-built Snipping tool for Mac OS to use. You got an answer for where to browser and locate the best Snipping tool for Mac. Besides, you can find numerous third-party Snipping tools available through the online platform with more pre-installed options and functionalities.

Best Snipping Tool for Mac

Mac OS Snipping tool is commonly available within the operating system without any preferable name. It works fine and mirrors the functionalities of Snipping Tool that you use in Windows OS with a T format. Also, there are numerous Mac OS Snipping Tools available for the user’s benefit. The default Mac OS Snipping Tool offers the best features when compared to Windows alternative. You can also use third-party tools such as Capto, Dropshare, and CleanShot for taking screenshots.

Mac OS in-built Snipping Tool

You can make use of the native tool for screen capture (Grab) on your Mac operating system which is pre-installed on your system.


Grab software is one among the best Mac Snipping Tool alternative that allows the user to take the screenshots of their entire screen and store them as an Image format on your system. When compared to Windows Snipping Tool, Grab software includes numerous screen-capture modes and also compatible with keyboard shortcuts. It is not required to download this Snipping Tool and Grab software is included in each recent Mac OS versions.

How to access Grab application?

You can follow the below steps to access the Grab application on your Mac OS:

  • Grab application can be accessed under the Applications.
  • Navigate to the Utilities folder or type the following command under the Finder App.
  • Input as /Applications/Utilities/ and hit the scan icon.
  • Access the Launchpad and access the Grab app under the Other options.
  • Now open up the Spotlight and input as Grab.

Grab application always stores the screenshots as image file format (i.e. PNG file format). PNG format is one among the best file format which is used without losing the image quality compression format and has numerous advantages. The only disadvantage of the PNG file format is that it always stores the file in the larger size.

Allow different formats

The Grab application allows the user to change the image file format to different formats like PDF, GIF, TIFF, and JPG file formats.

Changing the file to PDF file format – access the Terminal and input the following command defaults write type PDF.

GIF file format – Input the syntax as defaults write type GIF.

TIFF file format – Input the command as defaults write type TIFF.

JPG file format – Type in the command format as defaults write type JPG.

You can easily revert the file format to PNG format by entering the following syntax as defaults write type PNG.

Grab Application – Taking Screenshots:

After configuring the Grab application, now you are ready to take the screenshots of your Mac screen. You can follow the below-provided several options to take the screenshots:

  • Within the Grab application, press Capture & Timed Screen to start with a 10-seconds timer and choose one screen portion to take a screenshot.
  • Press the Command, Shift & Z keys simultaneously to trigger the screen-capture with the timed option.
  • Tap the Command & Z keys to take the screen-capture option.
  • Select the Capture & Screen options to capture the whole screen screenshot.
  • Shift, Command & W keys press at the same time to trigger capturing the Window option.
  • Press Capture & Window options to capture the Window screenshot.
  • Shift, Command & W keys press at the same time to trigger capturing the Window Selection option.
  • Tap the Capture & Selection option to take a screenshot of capturing a particular portion by dragging the selection tool.

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How to use the Snipping Tool on your Mac OS?

You can use the Snipping Tool on your Mac OS by simply pressing the ⇧⌘5 keys. This shortcut key will help to open up a small menu with numerous options to choose for taking the screenshots. These keys can be used in the latest version of Mac OS Mojave (2018 version). However, in the earlier version, users are allowed to use the ⇧⌘4 keys to take the screenshot of any specified portion and ⇧⌘3 keys to capture the entire screen.

If you prefer to utilize the entire features and functionalities of Mac OS Snipping tool then it is advisable to upgrade your Mac OS to the latest version (Mojave). Find below the list of Mac OS Snipping Tool features by using the below-mentioned options:

  • Capture Selected Window.
  • Capture the Entire Screen.
  • Record Selected Portion (specific area).
  • Record the Entire Screen.
  • Caption Selected Portion (specific area).

Apart from the screen capturing feature, you will be provided with other numerous options like setting a timer, storage location of the resulting image, and also set the particular portion to display the mouse pointer.

Taking Screenshots using Touch Bar (Mac Snipping Tool)

You can make use of the Touch Bar to capture the screenshot on your Mac OS Snipping Tool.

  • Press the ⇧⌘6 keys to save the Touch Bar Screenshot as a file on your system.
  • Tap the ⌃⇧⌘6 keys simultaneously to copy the Touch Bar screenshot directly to your clipboard.

Users are also allowed to personalize their keyboard shortcuts by accessing the System Preferences menu. Navigate to Shortcuts from the Keyboard sub-menu and choose the Screen Shots option to customize the shortcut keys.

Find below the lists of comparison and functionalities of Mac OS Snipping Tool with Windows OS.

List of comparison:

  • Single App Window Capture works for both Mac & Windows OS.
  • Video Capture is available only for Mac OS.
  • Editing feature can be fully utilized on Mac and very limited feature available on Windows.
  • Delay feature 5 to 10 seconds delay on Mac OS and 1 to 5 seconds delay on Windows OS.
  • Area Capture is available for both Mac & Windows OS.
  • Full Screen is also available for Mac & Windows OS.
  • Freeform Capture is available only for Windows OS and cannot be utilized in Mac OS.

While checking the above-mentioned details, you can find that the Freeform Capture feature is currently not available for the Mac OS. However, Windows OS is limited to annotations and not able to record the Video options. With numerous features, you can go with utilizing the Grab software on your Mac OS for Snipping Tool options. In case, if you prefer to use the freehand selection or any other different features then you can opt for other powerful third-party Snipping Tool for Mac OS.

Best Snipping Tool for Mac alternatives

You can find below the list of other third-party Mac OS Snipping tools available across the online platform to capture the screenshots. They are

Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

The most popular and powerful screen capturing or snipping tool for Mac OS is referred to as Apowersoft Mac Screenshot application. This application provides the in-built Mac OS tool to capture your screen or desktop.

Features of Apowersoft Mac Screenshot:

  • You can capture the entire screen or desktop or even capture the particular area.
  • Before capturing the screen, the user can zoom in to snapshot with clearer text.
  • Using a single click, you can share or upload your screens.
  • Make use of the tools, to opt the editing feature to achieve the preferred results.
  • Store the image to your system with your favorite image format.


ScreenCloud is one among the top-most Mac OS Snipping tools, which allows the user to capture the screenshot and share the same with their family members, relatives, and friends. This is a unique snapshot tool which comes along the cloud sharing website. The users are allowed to upload their favorite images directly to the cloud and share the provided web URL with their family members or friends.

Features of ScreenCloud:

  • Much easier to store the images to your local hard drive (Desktop).
  • Just use the hotkey or screenshot button within your web browser.
  • Make use of the drag-and-select option to capture the particular portion or area on your desktop screen.
  • It is possible to share your favorite images to other famous image sharing websites like Dropbox and Imgur.
  • For quick sharing, you can use the ScreenCloud website to upload the images.
  • It is not required to install the application, you can use the browser extension to work as a Tool.
  • Capture the screen and share the same with the help of ScreenCloud.

Nimbus Screencast and Screenshot

Nimbus is one among the best screen capture tool works based on your web browser. Similar to other Mac OS snipping tools, it is not required to install on your computer. This is the best software to capture your browser windows. It is possible to utilize the cropping and particular area capturing features to fix the dimensions of your image.

Features of Nimbus:

  • Allows the user to store the images in different file formats.
  • Easy to record video clips with the help of this app.
  • User can also create their own freehand drawing for presentation on the image.
  • With Nimbus, you can capture images by using the content menu, or settings a hotkey, or through the browser address bar.
  • Objects can be added to the images.
  • Even after capturing the screenshot, you can edit the screens as per your requirements.
  • Easy customization with a great editor and user-friendly interface.
  • Robust screenshot app used on your web browser.


If you prefer to use the best snipping tools on your Mac OS then Lightshot is the perfect one. With comparison to other tools, you can experience numerous features with this application. Lightshot app can be incorporated with various social media’s. It will enhance your image and make the default tool of your Mac OS.

Features of Lightshot App:

  • Intuitive and Simple user-friendly interface.
  • Allows the user to share their favorite images with their family members, friends, and relatives through social media.
  • This app is available for Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • Make use of image-enhancing tools to customize your image.
  • After capturing the screenshot, you can also find similar images.
  • Use the drag-and-select feature to capture the screens.


Jing is the easiest snipping tools to capture screens on your Mac OS. It offers numerous features along with a visually pleasing interface and much easier to use. Even the drag-and-select option is very easy to choose your preferred area to capture with the one-click feature to take the screenshots.

Features of Jing App:

  • Numerous text tools and effects to create more powerful snapshots.
  • Multiple visual elements are available to customize the captured images such as captions, highlights, annotations, and many more.
  • You can share the screenshots to your friends and also can be sent through email.
  • Much easier to record the video clips of your entire desktop activities.
  • Capture particular area, active window, or the entire desktop.
  • Take snapshots of your scrolling texts.
  • Also, capture your existing active windows.


With much easier, you can use the Snagit app to capture the desktop screen of your Mac OS. This tool can be used to capture screen images and as well as record your desktop activities. Snagit, the most powerful tool includes numerous advanced features to attract their users.

Snagit App Features:

  • User can choose their preferred location with this tool to capture the screenshot.
  • Capture any particular window or the entire desktop.
  • Able to add emoticons, shapes, stamps, and texts.
  • Much easier to edit the captured images.
  • Create interesting animated GIFs with the help of captured screens.
  • It is possible to capture the video stills and as well as the desktop screen.
  • Also possible to take snapshots of scrolling screens.

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