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‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ vs. ‘Sonic Superstars’: A Gaming Rivalry

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'Super Mario Bros. Wonder' vs. 'Sonic Superstars': A Gaming Rivalry

The world of gaming has long been captivated by the rivalry between Nintendo’s Mario and Sega’s Sonic. In 2023, this competition has taken a new turn with the release of ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ and ‘Sonic Superstars’. Here’s an analysis of how these two iconic franchises are faring against each other in the latest round of their enduring rivalry.

‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ Sets a New Standard

  • Innovative Gameplay: ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ has been praised for bringing an element of surprise and consistency to its gameplay, a hallmark of the Mario series.
  • Critical Acclaim: This latest installment in the Mario franchise has received glowing reviews, particularly for its innovative design and engaging mechanics.

‘Sonic Superstars’ Struggles to Keep Up

  • Catching Up to Mario: Despite Sonic’s popularity and unique appeal, ‘Sonic Superstars’ seems to have fallen short in matching up to the standards set by ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’.
  • Consistency Issues: One of Sonic’s long-standing issues has been a lack of consistent quality in its games, which ‘Sonic Superstars’ appears to continue.

Sega’s Ambitious Goals

  • Sega’s Aspirations: Sega executive Osamu Ohasi expressed a desire to not only match but surpass Mario in popularity and success.
  • Global Reach: Sega aims for Sonic to achieve global recognition and success similar to Mario, including surpassing Mario’s movie adaptations and establishing a Sonic attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

Historical Rivalry and Collaboration

  • Shared History: Mario and Sonic have a rich history of rivalry but also collaboration, appearing together in crossover games such as the Mario & Sonic series and Super Smash Bros.
  • Friendly Competition: This competition has fueled innovation and creativity in both franchises, benefiting gamers worldwide.


The release of ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ and ‘Sonic Superstars’ in 2023 highlights the ongoing rivalry between these two gaming giants. While Mario continues to impress with consistent quality and innovation, Sonic is still striving to match up to its competitor’s success. Sega’s ambitious goals for Sonic suggest a promising future, but for now, Mario remains the benchmark in the gaming world.


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