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How to access Tamilrockers Proxy sites and make use of VPN

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Tamilrockers proxy sites

Tamilrockers is one of the most trending and popular groups in TamilNadu, India. This website is used to leak movies and also a nightmare for the movie producers. Tamilrockers include a group of people tend to leak online movies from different domains and make a huge loss for the cinema producers. Initially, they started to leak only the Tamil movies and now they move to leak Hollywood & Bollywood movies as well. There are numerous Tamilrockers Proxy sites available across the online platform. watch all quality movies on this site which is right site for you.

Tamilrockers proxy sites

However, it includes anonymous Tamilrockers owner and even a month ago the Kerala police department had arrested a person, who is suspected to be a Tamilrockers Admin. But even after this incident, they still continued to leak several movies proving that they are not alone. It could be a big tread for both International and Indian movies business. Tamilrockers is one of the greatest and best sources to watch & download free movies, who can’t even afford to purchase a ticket.

Reason to ban Tamilrockers

Due to pirated content dealing, the Tamilrockers website is banned. The Government has taken numerous precautionary measures to ban the entire video contents (that are pirated) supplied by the websites and even the ISP (Internet Service Provider) had also blocked the website. As of now, you can find a wide range of pirated movies listed under the website. Tamilrockers will place the pirated copy of newly released movies under its website.

Restrict Tamilrockers domain

To overcome this situation, the ISP has also instructed the Government to ban the Tamilrockers website. Even, the ISP had taken action to restrict the Tamilrockers domain from accessing its video contents. However within a few minutes, Tamilrockers will launch with a new domain name for user’s benefit to provide access to watch or download the pirated video contents.

How to unblock Tamilrockers website

It is possible to unblock the Tamilrocker’s website in numerous ways. You can unblock the website either by using the Tamilrockers proxy 2019 website or through VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. It is much easier to unblock Tamilrockers website by using a VPN service to hide or spoof your system’s IP address for access. However, they are numerous Tamilrockers proxy 2019 sites to access the blocked website.

You can find the list of working Tamilrockers Proxy sites available across trustworthy or reliable sources. The users can utilize the Putlocker proxy or YTS proxy sites to access or unblock the Tamilrockers website. You can refer to this article to get detailed information to use the proxy sites.

List of Tamilrockers working sites

As we all know that most of the people are looking for the working site to enter and download the respective movies. If you are the one among them, then the listen working sites of tamilrockers will be supportive in terms of offering the service without issues. Here, the listed working links can follow by the people to use this site in a smoother way even without accessing VPN at any time for sure.

Proxy Sites

The main website’s exact replication is referred to as the Proxy sites. Alternatively, another duplicate website of its main domain or website that is maintained through different domains. These proxy sites are well-maintained by its supporting staff to deliver the appropriate pirated video content to their users. Even the main website or main domain is banned or blocked by the countries government; you can still access the same by using the proxy sites. Here let’s have a look at the list of proxy sites which you are looking for it.

How to use & unblock the Tamilrockers Proxy sites

You can utilize the proxy sites if any website’s main domain were blocked by the countries government. At this time, the users can unblock Tamilrockers 2019 website by using the Tamilrockers Proxy 2019 sites. It is possible to access the blocked websites without editing the browser settings or installing any sort of third-party programs. Just press the Unblock website icon to access the website and browse the internet secretly.

You can agree to the terms & conditions to utilize this service. You can also find the list of available unblocked Tamilrockers 2019 websites or Tamilrockers Proxy sites. In case, if you are not able to browse & locate your favorite songs or movies under the Tamilrockers website then you can access the other proxy sites to watch your preferred video contents at free of cost.

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Modify DNS servers

It is possible to change or modify the original DNS servers for your preferred Network adapter by following the below steps:

  • Access the Network and Sharing centre.
  • Choose your Active internet connection and right-click on the same to select the Properties option.
  • Under IPv4/TCP – Internet Protocol Version V4, choose the Properties option.
  • Scroll down the page and turn on the option named “Utilize the following DNS server IP addresses”.
  • Under the Preferred DNS Server field, input as & Alternate DNS Server as and press the Ok icon to set the DNS servers.

Now, you can access the Tamilrockers website successfully. Alternatively, you can also utilize Google’s Public DNS IP address to access the site.

Try alternate Web proxies

In case, if the proxy server is not working then you can give a try with alternate web proxy servers to check if you can access the blocked Tamilrockers 2019 websites with new web proxies. There are numerous web proxy servers available across the online platform. Even some sites may also block your computer’s IP address to access the web proxies, so it is advisable to modify the new web proxy and check if it is working. You can also experience some limitations that it may not fully support the Ajax-based websites and javascript files.

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Reset proxy settings

In some situations, you may not access the blocked Tamilrockers site due to modified spyware or web toolbar on the proxy settings of your web browser. It is recommended to reset or change the web browser’s proxy settings to access the website again. You can follow the below steps to reset your browser proxy settings:

  • The proxy settings are commonly located under the Options page of your web browser.
  • Access the Advanced option and navigate to the Connections or Network settings.
  • Press the LAN Settings option.
  • Ensure that the option to utilize the proxy is not enabled or turn on the No Proxy option.

Make use of a fast VPN (Virtual Private Network) service

If you can’t access the Tamilrockers website then you can utilize the alternate method of VPN service. You can purchase the fast and reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to access the website. The VPN is one of the best and most popular services to stay unidentified online and also hides your computer IP address. You can subscribe to any VPN service and access the websites online anonymous from any device.

VPN service is much better when compared to utilizing the free web proxy and works fine to access any websites. It is possible to find the best available VPN service from the online platform. You need to check its functionality and features available before purchasing your preferred VPN service. It is also essential to check its support boundary for your technical or customer service assistance.


As per Indian Law of Piracy and Copyright, Piracy of original contents is considering as punishable offence. Techmozhi and its team don’t support any piracy related contents or copyright infringement. The discussed content regarding Tamilrockers proxy sites is only to gain the knowledge and create awareness.

We have just provide the content related to illegal movie piracy business holding across the globe and we done have an intension to encourage any piracy movie contents. It’s our kind request to all the people who are reading this content should stay away from accessing the Tamilrockers new link and other different domains which includes other languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Malayalam and others.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is find the best and legal site to watch movies in order to avoid piracy.

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