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5 Tech Gadgets of 2019

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The technological advancements continue to grow and continuously being innovated day by day. It is becoming transparent that we are three-step away from being a cyborg. That there will be a time where we can store our consciousness into a cloud. Well, that might be a thing since it is now hard to keep up with the new technologies that are being invented then released into the world. But, let’s just tuck all those ideas away and focus more on gadgets that are coveted this year.

Our delight when it comes to the new gadgets is immeasurable. We all want the new Macbook or the newly released iPhone even though it could a pricey and can put a hole into your credit cards. We just can’t get enough of the happiness the new technology gives us. So, prepare to be mesmerized with the five cool and best tech gadgets that will make your life more efficient and more comfortable.

Airpods Pro

What is greater than the existence of Airpods in the world of technology, especially when it comes to a noise cancellation feature? Nothing that is why every Apple gadget is popular with every people, and Apple bran is a force to be reckoned with. With the release of AirPods Pro in which its predecessor kickstarted the series of the new generation of wireless earphones called AirPods.

The one-tap connection, water resistance, adaptive equalizer, and pressure equalizer features make Airpods Pro the most advanced wireless earbuds available in the market. Your worries about dealing with one size that fits in everyone’s ear but tends to fall is already solved. The AirPods offers three different sizes in order for the AirPods to really fit into the shape of your ear canals.

Apple Watch Series 5

Well, it’s not impossible for Apple not to dominate this year. Apple always goes for exceptional quality in their products. They are known for serving powerful features combined with sleek designs. And their new Apple Watch Series 5 is included in the criteria. The new Apple watch highlight the fitness and health mechanism.

One of its amazing features is that when it detects an anomaly in your body, it would recommend you to see a doctor. The thing about the new Apple watch is that when you pass out, it immediately calls for emergency services. Though the Apple watch may not be one of the affordable watches in the market, it sure offers excellent quality and features, and it sure is like owning your own luxury watch like the Omega Speedmaster watches.

Wireless Charging Pod

Why you limit yourself with a powerbank or charging pod that is not wireless. When a wireless, fast charging pod is already upon us. This year has a lot of in store for us. If there are wireless earphones then, why wouldn’t be a wireless charging pod. It seems like this idea has been around for a long time, but it was not perfected until now.

The Morphie Wireless Charging Pod equipped with the latest wireless charging technology called Qi offers a fast charging mechanism on your phone upon contact. You see, Morphie delivers 7.5 watts making its charging speed efficient. It also has a non-slip finish in which its surface is coated with it so that the phone would stay in place. Moreover, the cable for charging the charging pod is already included in the box.

Nintendo Switch Lite

For all the thrill-seeking gamers out there, there has been a new development in Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch is smaller and portable, but it has to give up its ability to slide into a dock and game on the TV. But hey! Don’t worry, the new Nintendo gains a more extended battery life and is also available in fun new colors.

The screen of the new Nintendo Switch had been shrunk into 5.5 inches, which makes it more smaller and movable, so its also more hassle-free. One great thing about it is its Joy-Cons are now permanently attached to the device. But overall, the Nintendo Switch Lite is still the same Nintendo Switch that the users’ value and love.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

As it pains me to say I told you so, but Apple seems to have owned this year. Apple seems to have always blown our minds with their new products and new releases. With iPhone 11 Pro Max being released into the world, people are clamoring and talking about its camera features. But one thing that really spices up the iPhone 11 Pro Max the Night Mode feature. Moreover, its battery life is so much better than any of the other phones that are released this year.


This year has been so exciting when it comes to technology. Gadgets have become slim and sleek that they can now easily fit in any bag. The features of devices have been improved to maximize its usage. And that’s what great about the continued innovation and evolution of tools, and it makes our life easier manage.

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