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Top 5 Best PC Games of all times 2020

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21st century is fully dedicated to video games, isn’t it? The video gaming industry has clearly gained some milestones over the decade and we have found some gems! But the tough part is we have so many choices and its too hard to decide which one we should play and that is why we are here to help you.

In this guide, we have listed the top 5 video game that you must play if you are a big fan of video games. Also we have a list of cricket games for pc to play in 2020.

1. Call of duty: modern warfare 2019

It’s not too hard to guess that you probably have played call of duty, right? And if you haven’t then let us tell you its one of the best games of its time. But the latest edition of call of duty has come to be surprised, as you would have thought! 

Call of duty was already our favorite and one can easily think what can be better than this but its latest edition has proved us wrong. The developers have provided us with more mature gameplay with a darker tone. Everything in this game is better than before, they have come up with a more detailed environment and epic cinematic presentation. 

The multiplayer too have some new features and overall you will be impressed with this supervised version of the most popular series of the decade. And that is why we have placed it in the best pc games list!!

2 The Witcher 3: wild hunt

The witcher is one of the oldest action-adventure game and it’s still in the top place of our best pc games. Although you must have played the previous version of the series, the witcher 3 has still managed to surprise us with its incredible gameplay.

Its a sequel to the 2011 game the witcher hunt 2 and the story is likewise. It’s too a third-person perspective game which will definitely impress you and become your favorite at first sight. The game has it all from weapons to magic and the characters interact with several unknown danger is what makes this one among the best pc game ever! 

3. Dark souls 3 

You may or may not like the souls series but soul 3 is something you wanna play as your next pc game. The developers have added some cool features which makes it one the best pc game in this time. 

It’s not a kind of game that you will complete in your first day of playing instead you are gonna die a thousand times before you actually master its challenging combat system. And the good news is, it is more optimized for pc than any of its previous games in the series. And that is why it deserves a place in the best pc games. 

4 Control

The newest entry in the best pc game is Control. It’s no less than a fine art in the video game industry and all the credit goes to its developers who have given attention to even the smallest of details. It’s an action-adventure genre vane which one would definitely find interesting enough to spend several hours on it. 

The lead character od the game is out there to find his missing brother in the city full of chaos and it’s definitely not gonna be easy with its challenging hurdles and missions. 

5 Monster Hunter World

Last but not least, we have a game like monster hunter world in our list of best of game which would definitely come to you as a surprise. We don’t blame you for not knowing this game till now but let us tell you, once you have played this game it’s gonna be your new favorite! 

As the name says you gonna hunt monster but at what cost? Well, there is no better way to find out then playing this one! 

So these are the best pc game that you should definitely try out!You can get all new updates about technology at techiwar one of the best tech website.

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