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Top PlayStation 1 video Games that are still being developed

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Top PlayStation 1 video Games

PlayStation 1 was a home video game console which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, was released in December 3rd, 1992. PlayStation was a fifth generation console. There are some PlayStation video games that are still being developed for its successors which are PlayStation 2, 3, 4 and the most recent PlayStation 5. The video games belong to popular game franchise which has since evolved and released for the new Playstations.

Top PlayStation 1 video Games

The Resident Evil Series

The first ever Resident Evil video game was released for various console platforms, including PlayStation 1. Since then it has seen many upgrades in terms of graphics and storylines. The first resident evil 2 video game was released back in 1998 for PlayStation and Resident Evil 2 was recently remade in the year 2019. The game is a survival horror shooting video developed by Capcom and released for platforms like PlayStation 4, Microsoft windows and Xbox one. The game follows Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield who are attempting to escape the virus infected Raccoon City where people are turning into zombies. The features of the game are:

  • The game has better 3D graphics that the original and is played in third person perspective.
  • There are new locations to explore and players can move around freely as they use their weapons.
  • Players can save their games in the safe house.
  • Players can choose the difficulty levels. They can also choose between the two main characters.
  • The characters have different stories and other characters. Like in Claire’s story players meet Claire’s brother Chris and in Leon’s story players get to control Ada Wong.
  • The players get various weapons to kill zombies and boss zombies. Players can carry out different attacks.

Grand Theft Auto Series

The most popular video game started out with over head graphics when it was released in 1997 for platforms like Game Boy, Microsoft Windows, PlayStaion etc. Since then the Series has very much evolved and came a long way. The most recent Grand Theft Auto video game was released was GTA 5 in September 17th, 2013 by Rockstar Games for platforms, PlayStation 3, 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, 360 etc. The features of the game are:

  • Like its previous installments the game is set in an open world where player are free to explore the environment.
  • Players can drive all the vehicles in the game, they can swim, sprint, run, walk, crouch etc.
  • Players are given missions they have to complete in order to move forward in the game.
  • Players take on three characters and switch from one character to another, and complete the missions assigned to them.
  • The game is in third person perspective and has countless locations. Players get different kind of weapons, and they engage in fights with other non playable characters.
  • This action adventure video game has developed in terms of its realistic graphics, more quests to do and various new features. The game has single player and multiplayer mode.

Tomb Raider Series

We are all aware about the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider video game series which was first released in 1996 for platforms like PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance and many other consoles. The first ever game was released in 2D and now it has 3D realistic graphics. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the latest video game in the franchise released in September 14th, 2018 by developer Edios- Montreal. It is an action adventure role playing video games, where players take on the role of the protagonist Lara Croft. She is an explorer and travels across the world in search of artifacts. Want to get updated about all the incoming games? Check out for downloading the best gaming roms in the market.The game is set in continents of South America and Central America. The features of the game are:

  • The game is played in third person perspective and players can move their character around freely.
  • There are several standalone areas along with hidden city of Paititi.
  • Players can sell and trade the items which they have gathered from the area.
  • The character can swim, run jump, climb, and breath underwater. Croft is equipped with items like climbing axe and rope which helps her reach places.
  • She also engages in fights with her enemies and can use various combo attacks like punch, kick etc she can also disengage from bombast by escaping.
  • She can camouflage by covering in mud, hide behind bushes and other things.
  • Players can hunt for animals; solve puzzles, and many other things that are required to get the artifact.

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