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Guide to transfer data from iPhone to Android device

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Transfer data

People who all are using an iPhone device for a long time, at least they will be looking for some changes in the future. Yes, we all know that Android devices are grabbing attention for various reasons. Based on those reasons, people are switching from iPhone to Android device. For instance, when compared to an iPhone device, you can purchase an Android device at an affordable price. Like many advantages where you can experience it on an Android device. But before going to an Android device, it is important for you to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

Transfer data

If you are one of them who are looking forward to transferring the file from iPhone to Android device, then you are in the right platform to make use of it. Hope the given different methods will help you to transfer the data in an easier way. And, you don’t need to go for iPhone to Android transfer software.

Method 1: Transfer music

By using this amazing method, you can easily transfer your music files from iPhone to Android device without any difficulties. In order to transfer the data, it is important for you to have TouchCopy tool. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below to transfer from iPhone to Samsung or other devices.

  • Firstly, you need to open iTunes by connecting your iPhone to a computer.
  • By just doing right click of your iPhone device name, you need to select Transfer Purchases.
  • Once the completion of the transfer is done, then make sure to connect your Android phone.
  • With the support of File Explorer, you can locate your iTunes music. One should know that by its default, it will be located at this path. User -> Music -> iTunes -> iTunes media
  • Finally, you can easily drag and drop the respective into an Android device.

Method 2: Transfer contacts

When it comes to method two, you can transfer data from iPhone to Android. For information, data like contacts. With the support of TouchCopy, you need to copy the contacts to PC and then follow further to import the contacts to Google.

  • First of all, you should connect the iPhone with TouchCopy and then tap to open Contacts.
  • Now, hit Copy as vCard and then choose the location to save.
  • Follow the Google account and tap the grid of squares which is located at the top-right corner of Google Homepage.
  • You can now choose contacts.
  • By following the left-hand side, make sure to tap Switch to the old version.
  • At last, you can click “More” -> Import.
  • Now, start to choose the vCard files which we have copied already with the support of TouchCopy and click Import.

Method 3: Transfer data Using Windows

It is mainly considered to be one of the simplest methods where you can utilize it for transfer data from iPhone to Android using Windows. Let’s follow the steps without skipping it.

  • You need to do is connecting the iPhone device with PC and then tap to open File Explorer.
  • Now, choose the videos and photos that you want to transfer and connect your Android device with the support of another USB cable to your PC.
  • Then, simply you can copy paste the videos or photos to Android device without hassles.


These are the simple methods that you can utilize it for transferring purpose. When it comes to transferring the videos, photos and contacts, the above mentioned methods would be helpful for you at any time for sure. Well, you can even follow the discussed methods for query that transfer data from iPhone to Android that whenever required.

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