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TV Buddy Caster – Live Streaming Antenna

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TV buddy caster guide

Do you love to explore different movies online? Have you got bored up watching up those monotonous movies on your smartphone screens?

If yes, is the answer you are just about to say, TV Buddy Caster is the best option you surely can’t afford to ignore on. Watching out our favorite movies and videos on a larger screen is something that makes us more satisfied. If you are willing to satisfy your goals of movie streaming on a wider screen, this article is going to serve as the best help for you.

TV buddy caster guide

We are here going to provide your honest TV Buddy Reviews for one of the finest and advanced technology and that is TV Buddy Caster. Starting up with what exactly it is to its features and how to access it, there are a lot more things that we would like to discuss with you. The number of people opting for streaming services is getting raised every day. Everyone wants to enjoy the latest videos and content at their comfort. And what would be better than opting for the internet sources for the same?

What is TV Buddy Caster?

TV Buddy Caster is one of the finest technologies being available today that are being designed to provide you fast and easy access to various online streaming content on a wider screen. Users are free to view their favorite videos from YouTube on their TV as well without any hassle. Sounds interesting, right?

TV Buddy Caster is being one of the most reliable and trusted sources these days and has left platforms like Google Chromecast far behind due to the involvement of various advanced features in it. One doesn’t need to worry about the prying eyes or those annoying ads anyhow. Users are free to access what they want at quite an affordable pricing now.

Accessing is quite easier here. One can easily start accessing TV Buddy Caster on just a regular TV set. It usually comes up in a plug and plays option where you just have to connect your TV, Buddy Caster, to your TV to get started with. The only thing that can interrupt your way here is an internet connection.

Technical Features of TV Buddy Caster

TV Buddy Caster is one of the finest tools being available in the market that had made it quite easier to enjoy the best streaming experience on a wider screen. Right from starting up with the affordable pricing to the unlimited advanced features being embedded over there, there are a lot more things you can count on. If you are willing to get acknowledged to the technical features of it, here are the leading one’s for you.

  • The best thing about this wonderful tool is that it works efficiently on both Android, iOS and macOS. The device is being designed compatible with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above and macOS 10+.
  • The device is being designed to work efficiently for screening various projects on presentations, Conferences and Home Cinemas, etc.
  • TV Buddy Caster is being designed to support H.265 decoding efficiently.
  • It also provides support access over the 1080p screen resolution. And one can easily use it for streaming their favorite content with Full HD without any hassle.
  • Accessing is quite easier here. The tool comes up in a very compact plug and plays option that one can use anytime anywhere they want.
  • The device is being featured with various modes. Users are free to access anyone from the provided ones such as Cross-system mirroring, AirMirror, Airplay DLNA, YouTube, Netflix and much more.
  • TV Buddy Caster ensures users to have faster access over it. users can easily enjoy about 50 faster HDMI output than that of other devices.

How to use TV Buddy Caster?

Have you recently purchased TV Buddy Caster to access streaming on a wider screen? Do you don’t know the way to access it? If these are the same confusion you are currently facing on, the below-mentioned guide is surely going to help you a lot. Setting up a TV Buddy Caster and connecting it with your TV is not a big deal. The only things you have to do for enabling easy access over the same are:

  • Connect your TV, Buddy Caster, to your general TV box through the HDMI port connection.
  • Plugin the USB cable connection and restart your TV to start accessing.
  • Once done, you will be free to enjoy streaming your favorite content on a wider screen
  • Check down the list of contents being provided to you and once done select the preferable content you are willing to access on.
  • Once done, you will be free to access the same without any hassle.

Reasons why to choose TV Buddy Caster

If confusions still are buzzing around your head, here we are with the foremost reasons that will help you in understanding how could a TV Buddy Caster be beneficial for you.

  • One doesn’t need to spend money on smart TV here. Users are free to access the tool along with general TV boxes also.
  • Pricing is quite affordable here and one doesn’t need to spend extra for enjoying advanced features.
  • The TV Buddy Caster is being designed to provide users a greater user experience along with faster access. The package comes up in plug and plays an option that everyone can access and handle easily.
  • TV Buddy Caster is a perfect tool that is being designed to provide users better utilization with excellent technology. The tool comes up with remote control access that makes access even much easier.
  • TV Buddy Caster does not involve any clutter that can interrupt your user experience. The interface is quite easy to go and users can have seamless access over it for longer hours.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Buddy Caster


  • Provides easy access over a wide range of content
  • Comes up in a plug and play option
  • Ensures users to support various services that surely other streaming devices are not providing
  • Users are free to access HD quality access without any hassle


  • Pricing is a bit higher than that of its competitors such as Google Chromecast


I hope, this guide had helped you a lot in knowing more about TV Buddy Caster. The tool had served as a greater source for enjoying online streaming on a wider screen. Just make sure to have on working internet connection before starting accessing this wonderful source for seamless access.

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