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Two Ways to transfer text messages to new iPhone

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text messages to new iphone

Do you recently have to buy an iPhone and now you are looking forward to the different methods of message transferring from iPhone to iPhone? If YES, you are going to get perfect solutions here. It is quite easy to share music, videos, and photos from one iPhone to another, but if we talk about transferring text messages to new iPhone, it is a little bit harder task.

text messages to new iphone

We need to walk some steps extra for transferring contacts and messages from our one iPhone to another one. To make it easier for you we have compiled here the two different methods for transferring text messages from iPhone to iPhone in our content. Just stay connected with us to let it do effortlessly. For similar kind of things to follow, one can check here.

Solution 1: Transfer message using iCloud Backup

Let’s move with the first and most straightforward method for transferring a message from iPhone to iPhone using backup, iCloud is the solution that will make it quite more comfortable for you. You need to create a secure backup of your text messages before starting up with the iCloud backup so that you can quickly restore all of the text messages to your new iPhone whenever required and that too without taking help of an external source such as iTunes or computer system. Make sure to have a proper battery backup in both of your iPhones before proceeding with the process. The only things you have to follow here are:

  • Turn on the WiFi of your router.
  • Take your sender iPhone and then tap on the Settings options followed by your name here.
  • Go to the iCloud option and then turn on iCloud Backup for y our device.
  • Once done, next tap on the Back-Up option and then wait for a fewer second to complete the process successfully.
  • Now, turn on your receiver iPhone and then tap on the option of Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Press Next to continue with the process.
  • In case if you already have a backup process on receivers’ end, reset your iPhone using Settings option followed by General and then tap on the “Reset and Erase All Content and Settings” option.
  • Once done, enter your Apple ID and password in the dedicated columns, and all of your messages will get transferred from sender to receiver iPhone.

Solution 2: Message transfer through Dr. Fone

Another more natural and effective method to transfer your text messages to new iPhone is using Dr. Fone. It is single class ick transfer method that makes the text message move in a matter of just a few seconds. You can not only use this tool for transferring messages only, but it can help you out in transferring various format of data seamless to one iPhone to another. The process using Dr. Fone is quite simple to go all you need to do is:

  • Download and install the latest version of Dr.Fone on your computer system.
  • You have once done Switch on your Windows or Mac operating system to continue with the process.
  • Now connect your sender and receiver iPhone devices to the computer system successfully.
  • Launch Dr.Fone application that you just have installed on your computer system recently and then click on the Switch option present on your home screen.
  • Press Confirm to confirm that both of your iPhones have been connected correctly. If they are not, you can easily alter their positions just by taping on the Flip option.
  • Now select the format of data that you are willing to transfer using the tool.
  • Please make sure that you have enabled Text Messages before starting up with the phase.
  • Once done, click on the Start Transfer button that will initiate the text message transfer process.
  • Wait for patiently till the process accomplished and once done, you can now easily disconnect your iPhone from the computer system.
  • Make sure that you will have successfully transferred the preferred texts on your target iPhone.


If you recently have purchased a new iPhone and are now looking forward to transferring text messages to new iPhone, the solution mentioned above will help you a lot in achieving the same. You have to follow the provided steps very carefully so that no leader can leave behind untouched and your text transferring process can be accomplished.

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