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How to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM Card into 4G For Free

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We know that Jio has created the craze of 4G in this market and all of us want to get upgraded to 4G network. Airtel is also offering some decent offers to their customers when they upgrade Airtel 3G SIM card into 4G. Also, there’s no such charge of upgrading.

In this post, we’ll tell you the exact way to upgrade Airtel 3G SIM Card into 4G for free. You will get Airtel 4G SIM Card at your home for free. The only need is 4G network is running in your city.

If you’re thinking that, they can’t deliver the SIM Card at your location then if course you’re wrong.

I’m living in the worst location where mostly no one allows to deliver but I recently got 4G SIM card by Airtel for free at my location too. Well, I’m in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

#1 Step By Step: How to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM card into 4G for Free?

You should need to follow below easy steps to upgrade your Airtel 3G SIM card into 4G for free.

1) Go to Airtel Website here.

2) Now, enter your details, i.e Name, Your Airtel mobile number & Email (That’s optional).

3) After that, enter shipping details to locate them your address while delivering SIM card.

4) At last, Hit on the “SEND ME A 4G SIM” button.

5) You will see a confirmation on the screen like above that “We have received your SIM request. We will reach out you shortly”.

6) Hurrah! Your Airtel 3G SIM card upgrade request to 4G is taken and you will get a 4G SIM card for free soon.

Look at this stunning Airtel offers:

  • Airtel Unlimited Calling Plan
  • Airtel Double Data Offer

#2 How to Convert Airtel 2G, 3G SIM to 4G by Sending Message?

You need the packet of your SIM card in which SIM is packed. However, it would also mentioned on the new SIM card when you will receive it.

1) Open your messaging application from your mobile phone.

2) Type a SMS as SIM<space><Your 20 Digit SIM Number> and just send it to 121.


3) You will receive an SMS from Airtel confirming the Airtel 4G SIM swap.

4) Reply to that message with 1 (that means confirm) and that’s it.

Your Airtel 3G SIM card will be disconnected from the network in next few minutes and now you have to insert the new 4G SIM card you ordered.

Hurrah! Now you use Airtel 4G.

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