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What is the function of Graphics Card and its types

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Graphics card

Graphics card is a piece of hardware in the computer that functions in producing the image you see on the monitor. Graphics card converts the information or we can save data into a signal that the monitor can understand and then vendor and image. In order to get a smooth and better image, it is important to understand the function of graphics card properly. Graphics card is very important for those who edit videos and those who play the game on their computers. To know further stuff about other things, you can follow.

Graphics card

Types of graphics cards

While focusing on the function of graphics card, there are two types of graphics cards namely Integrated Graphic Card and Discrete Graphic Card.

Integrated graphics card: 

The integrated graphics card is built into the motherboard. In this there is no add-in card is used for its integrated graphics cards are cost-effective and can be found in most of the standard laptops and computers. Still, it is very tough to upgrade the integrated graphics card.

Discrete Graphic Card:

The discrete graphics card is an add-in graphic card that can install on the motherboard.  It is just like an extra component. If you are one of those willing to modify your system by upgrading the graphics card then you may use the discrete one.

People who use their modern computers for basic tasks like Internet surfing, the creation of documents or movies watching and others are ok with integrated graphics cards. But users who are involved in gaming or video editing task always need maximum speed in image processing.  For this task, the discrete graphics card is mostly used.

Functions of the graphics card

A graphics card allows computers to produce images and graphics with more speed. A graphics card has its own graphical Processing Unit or we can see on the processor. In many terms, the function of graphics card is also known as the video card. It gets connected to the motherboard and the computer. This connection allows the graphics card to complete the transfer of information from a central Processing Unit to the monitor. In this procedure, the CPU or we can say the Central Processing Unit is the source and the monitor is the destination.

As we have stated that there are several motherboards that come with inbuilt graphics cards. Although these onboard chipsets are less powerful than the discrete graphics cards or we can say chipsets. And that is the main reason that computers having two graphics cards installed are much better in performance as compared to the computer having an integrated motherboard graphics.

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