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What To Expect From Apple 10th November Event?

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Apple event

Apple has announced that it would host a virtual event on Tuesday, 10 November, in a surprise announcement on last Monday. The motto is “One More Thing” for the third product event of the fall, and the online event will presumably center on the first Apple Silicon Macs.

Earlier in this year, Apple said that instead of Intel processors, they intended to release Macs with their own ARM chips. There were also a few new items to be released at the same gathering, including AirTags and new AirPods.

Apple event

What To Expect In Apple Event

It’s yet to be seen what all devices we will see in this event. Though, this has made the fans go crazy and they are all set to be a part of the event. With the pandemic going on, the events of Apple are a great refresher for the ones who follow the brand. With a lot of speculations being made, all eyes are set on the event with huge pomp and show.

This is what Apple’s 10 November event is going to be all about according to the sources and their analysis.

MacBook Pro and Air

If Apple released new Macs on the 10 November, it would be no surprise. Earlier this year, Apple announced it would just replace its Intel Mac processors with its own ARM-based chips.

MacBook’s are using the intel-based chip for years, but ARM based Apple chips are not new to the market. Apple is using these chips in their iPhone and iPad lineup. Apple has just released the latest iPhone 12 lineup with new iPhone 12 cases and accessories. It’s using the new ARM based A14 Chip along with iPad Air 4th Generation.

Macs can move to chips developed by Apple based upon an ARM approved specification. The processors inside iPhone and iPad promise excellent battery life and quicker results. Apple can start a 12-inch MacBook or an upgraded MacBook Pro next generation. The initial ARM chip will be based on A14 and might be named as A14X.

A new design language may be used on an Apple Silicon-based iMac. Apple does not want to lose the chance to boost Mac sales during the pandemic by not beginning the first Silicon Macs from Apple. This is one of the items which we will defiantly see in the event and it justifies the tag of “One More Thing”.


We can also see the first of the alleged AirTags, a monitoring product similar to the Tile. This surveillance system, which can be attached to a purse, a handbag or a key, allows you to track missing devices.

It is reported that AirTags will be using the latest Ultra Large Band chip used in iPhone 12 and Home Pod Mini. The AirTag can be two-scale, one with smaller objects such as keys, and the other with bigger items such as luggage and backpack in mind. Apple rumours suggest of $69 to $99 pricing for AirTags.

Though we might not see the AirTags until the first quarter of 2021 and in very little chance that we will hear about it in this event.

AirPods Studio

It is very clear from Apple’s online and physical shops that the high-end AirPods Studio is coming earlier than expected. Though Apple is already selling the Beats headphones, they would like to bring all the audio products under the AirPods branding.

They will have successful noise cancellation and may be stronger in all respects than AirPods. It has been speculated that these headphones are available in many variations, including a fitness-oriented style and one that is high-quality leather.

Based on the latest announcement for AirPods Pro, we can predict that they will have support for Dolby Atmos and 7.1 audio. These over-the-ear headphones can be fitted with magnetic ear cups that can be replaced with various materials and colors with a swappable headband (something similar to Apple Watch Bands).

Where to watch the event?

Apple will live stream the event on Apple TV, YouTube and on their site. So, if you have any of the Apple Device, you can use the Apple TV app to watch the event live. Android users can use YouTube app or Chrome browser to watch the live stream.

Apple will launch a brand new, improved chip and storage Apple TV streaming box. It is rumored that Apple is already working on the first game controller of the business, but there is nothing verified yet. With this, the excitement is building up, and everyone wants to know what is this one more thing about.

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