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Top five best alternative of Whatsapp

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best whatsapp alternatives

Millions of people are often expecting that communication should be done in an easier and quicker way. Based on that, they are choosing the best instant messaging applications and make their conversation better than expected. Some of these apps earned so much popularity not only among the smartphone user but also among other users who want to get them in
their pc.

Later on, these kinds of apps develop their pc versions like Kik for pc, message for pc, WhatsApp for PC, etc. Among those applications, WhatsApp messaging app is always considered to be the best one. Also, it was owned by Facebook and started to offer better features to experience it. However, people who are bored of using this application are looking forward to finding the alternatives. Let’s have a look at some of the best five WhatsApp alternative applications. 

best whatsapp alternatives


Basically, it is a secure messaging application and it encrypts all the stuffs. When it comes to accessing this application, you don’t see any features like video or voice calling. However, the texting option will make the people to feel impressive. You can even witness the encrypted backup options to utilize it in a better way. On the whole, it is said to be open-source and comes up with a transparent privacy policy in general.


The best thing about this application is where you can send private reply while handling the groups. Also, it is possible for the people to add stickers from any third-party applications. You can also witness the payment option for a smoother transaction with friends. On the other side, you can even see the feature like Auto reply. Yes, whenever you are busy, then you can easily set an auto-reply message at any time. When it comes to downloading, then you can visit the trusted sources and download it or you can download it from here gbwhatsapp download.


With millions of installations, it is said to be one of the most downloaded applications for messaging. Once the application is installed in your device, then you expect features like file sharing, group chats and more. So, people who all are often looking for the application which offer loads of security, then this is the best application where you can utilize it at any time. Also, it is absolutely free for the people to install it on your PlayStore. 


With the support of application like Band, it is highly made up for group messaging. Apart from that, you can make individual chats. On the other side, it also comes up with calender integration which will be mainly helpful for the people to share the key dates as well. When it comes to installation, you don’t need to pay a single penny for sure. 


The best thing about this application is where you can easily handle the media sharing. On the other side, if you are really bored of handling the WhatsApp layout, then with the support of FMWhatsApp, you can customize it. Also, each and every day, you can see the themes which are added in a regular interval of time. Even you can see the variants in emojis at any time. Well, this is what people are expecting to use while making chats with friends.

Final words

So, people who are all looking for the best alternative apps of WhatsApp for a long time, then the above discussion will be helpful and supportive. 

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