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Youtube Subscribers and its Technology to know

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In a previous article, we talked about moving key content to a new YouTube channel.

If you feel that the growth of the channel is not growing enough, such as the number of YouTube subscribers, it may be more effective to recreate it. I would like to explain that.

What is Channel Opening Boost? Newly opened YouTube channels have a period of time that gives you an advantage in video impressions. If you’ve been sluggish for more than a year, the new channel will give you an impression advantage, even if you post the same video. As a result, it becomes easier to grow.

Technology as a YouTuber is improving:

Compared to when I started YouTube, about half a year has definitely improved my knowledge of video production technology and channel management.

In other words, it is definitely improving in terms of the quality of the videos it delivers.Improving the quality of the video means that the viewing retention rate can be improved and the video can be created with a long playback time. This in itself is the result that YouTube, which makes money from advertising, wants, so it works more favorably for impressions.Also, the click-through rate should have changed, as it will have improved in thumbnail production.Even if you are worried that your channel will not grow, these YouTuber technologies are definitely improving. And that technology is also your value right now.Estimated number of Free YouTube subscribers and period to recreate YouTube channel.Even if you say that the YouTube channel does not grow, I think you need a guide to judge it.

Points when recreating a channel:

You can leave the original channel as it only grows slowly. Move what you need from that to a new channel.

First, pick up some videos that have been viewed the most.

And it’s important to clarify the concept of the video and consider whether it can be continued on a new channel.As with everyone, isn’t the YouTube channel you created for the first time composed of videos in various directions, like VLOG?

This is the result of trial and error, and it may be because I wanted to buzz one of the videos.

Buzzing videos on YouTube also requires luck

The most important thing is for viewers to subscribe to the next channel they want to see.That way, I think there will be videos that will buzz as the channel grows.It is important that the concept of the channel is clear in order to have this channel subscribed.When you watch past videos, if there are many videos you want to watch, you can subscribe to the channel.

However, if the concept of the video to be delivered is different, it is difficult to connect to the channel registration, and even if you register, it will be canceled.It is possible to fix the original channel, but I think this will be easier if you open a new channel with your current knowledge and skills.Let’s make use of what we have accumulated so far in new channels Click here.

The timing of opening a new channel is not in a hurry:

By now, you should have understood the benefits of recreating YouTube channels, the timing of determining the slowdown in channel growth, and the importance of the concept of new channels.

There is a time limit for “Channel Opening Boost”, which is the biggest merit. I’m not sure how long it will take, but you’ll have to ride the waves while the boost is on. Before opening a channel, let’s prepare first.

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